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Festival season will soon be upon us, and this year sees the biggie back, with Glastonbury once again promising to be memorable. Festivals are a great mixture of great style, great music, and, notoriously bad weather, but they are a part of Summer to enjoy and savour, whether you go for a single day or enjoy the whole camping/glamping experience.

Festivals in the UK are as famous for the inclement weather as they are for the music, and weather does tend to govern festival fashion. Unlike Coachella, white is never a good idea at British festivals, one downpour and that lovely fresh field becomes a total quagmire. That said, there have been some amazing festival fashion over the years, with Kate Moss being the reigning Queen of festival fashion, but with the likes of Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Millie Mackintosh also showing us how it’s done.

Festival style

Glastonbury Festival

Florence Welch


Kate Moss


Alexa Chung


Lily Allen


Millie Mackintosh

British festival style is a cool mixture of Hunter Wellies, cut off denim hotpants worn with either shabby chic knitwear, tie and die, or vintage cotton. The aim of the look is to be eclectic, this mish mash of styles works to create a look that is both unique and practical, whatever the weather decides to throw at you.


Camping or Glamping?

Festivals often mean camping, with most festival goers setting up their own tents for the duration. But, if like me, camping is not your thing, and you prefer home comforts and luxury whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, then maybe glamping is a better option for you.

The Yurtel Steanbow experience is the most luxurious way to experience Glastonbury this year, the one that I am sure Kate Moss would well appreciate. From deluxe bell tents, to Yurts full of home comforts, to the absolute creme de la creme, the luxury suites that come complete with cosy rugs, a shower room and front decking from which to enjoy the views of Glastonbury Tor, the experience allows you to enjoy all the fun of the festival, but to then chill out with Spa treatments, and to enjoy a la carte dining with not a dodgy burger in sight.

This is definitely the way to enjoy Glastonbury if you are just there for the music, and want to avoid the burger vans, portaloos and too much mud.

Are you going to a festival this year? Will you be camping or glamping?


The top festival fashion trends for 2017

It is that time of year again, music festival time. Music festivals are all the rage these days and can be a great deal of fun for all. Whether you attend the festival to partake in fun food and drink, find your new favorite band, or listen to an old favorite, this article will help you pick the most fashionable threads to wear this year. To find additional ideas, check out more festival fashion here.

If you are attending Firefly, Coachella, or Hangout Fest, one thing is in common. You will need clothes that are suitable for warm weather climates. Festivals often offer a low-key, “anything goes” kind of vibe which means that you can wear pretty much anything or very little for that matter.

Matching Sets. Crop tops and high-waisted pants made from the same fabric and pattern are very trendy this year. While it does not take long at all to put these items on, you will look like you spent a great deal of time styling your attire. Add some cute sandals and your outfit is sure to be popular.


Fishnet tights. An item that most would not think about wearing in hot weather, fishnet tights are a big hit at festivals this year. People are choosing to wear them underneath a pair of cut off jean shorts along with black boots.


Ringer tees. Highly popular in the 70s, ringer tees are back and trendier than ever. Most popular are ringer tees with a type of popular statement such as but certainly not limited to, “make love, not war.” A comfy tee like this along with a fedora, comfy pair of shoes, and cut off jean shorts make a perfect outfit for sitting on a blanket while enjoying the music and fellowship that is taking place around you.


Dungarees. Every so often dungarees become a huge trend and everyone will be seen wearing them. This year, overall style jeans and shorts are quite popular among teens and young adults alike. When wearing dungarees, add some personality to them by applying an embroidered patch or rolling the pant legs to make a cuff. Dungarees are comfortable and can be styled to be more casual by wearing some Converse Allstars and a simple white tee underneath. Wear your hair in a ponytail and you will look all-American chic.


Tie dye. This one is not much of a surprise as tie dye is perfect for accomplishing a fun, festive look with minimal effort. You can purchase a variety of items already tie-dyed such as shirts, shoes, bandanas, and shorts at your local mall. Or if you want a more personalized look, you can easily tie dye any item that you desire on your own. All you have to do is get a large container, fill it with cold water, and add some dye. Take parts of your shirt and twist into balls and tie with rubber bands. Dip slowly into the dye/water mixture and allow it to soak to the hue you desire. Allow the shirt to dry for a period of time and then wash it by itself so that any excess dye does not stain other clothing. All that is left is to dry it and wear it!


The Return of the Bumbag

There are some fashion trends that shine brightly for a while and then disappear forever. Other trends are more mercurial, they disappear, only to reappear, loved once again by a new generation too young to remember them the first time around. One such fashion trend that fits this bill is the once much maligned bumbag, which has popped up again on the Skatehut site in a range of cool designs.

Mi-Pac Cherries Slim Bum Bag – Black £14.95 Click to visit Skatehut

The bumbag was a late 1980s phenomenon, often teamed with a shellsuit and trainers. It was a look that, for a while, was everywhere. But it fell out of favour very quickly, linked to badly dressed tourists who wore them with sandals and sock, or market traders who wore them for a practical, but certainly not fashionable, reason. The bumbag disappeared, seemingly never to return.

But fashion is a strange animal, and the most unlikely of items can make a comeback. Celebrities seemed to rediscover the bumbag, and set out to make it a highly coveted fashion item all over again. Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse and Kylie Jenner showed that the bumbag (or fanny pack as the Americans call it) could be both practical and stylish. Kylie and Suki showed that it was the perfect way to hold your belongings at festivals, wearing their designs to Coachella. SJP, who had worn them as the ultimate style icon Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, now showed that a bumbag could be worn on the red carpet when she teamed a stylish black leather design with an evening dress. Jared Leto, no slouch in the style department, also used a bumbag and totally rocked the look. These new bumbags couldn’t be further away from the idea of Mr Motivator.



Jared Leto


And it is not just at the festivals or on the red carpet that bumbags have reappeared. They have also returned to the catwalk with embellished ones at Ashish. Celine may have called their version a beltbag, but it most definitely has a bumbag vibe, whilst the Rebecca Minkoff version was neat and quilted, with more than a nod to Chanel.

So why has this most unlikely item made a comeback? The truth is we now, more than ever, like to keep our important possessions safe – our money, our keys, our phones, our credit cards, and a bumbag is the right size to keep all those things in whilst also keeping them close. It leaves the hands free too, so it can be very practical at festivals, whilst riding a bike or a skateboard or scooter, when we dance the night away, or try to push a pushchair or pram. It is a safe and secure place to keep our belongings, and can be worn above, or below our coats, or just over a t-shirt, making it perfect for all seasons.

Spiral Harvard Bum Bag – Jewels Black Now £9.99 Click to visit Skatehut

Spiral Harvard Bum Bag – Quilted Black Now £9.99 Click to visit Skatehut

In addition, with sportswear and sports luxe trends so popular, bumbags actually look a good fit style wise, but the black leather version show that they can also work in a stylish, more grown up way too.

Mi-Pac Mermaid Slim Bum Bag – Blue
£16.95 Click to visit Skatehut

Did you wear a bumbag in the 1980s – would you wear them now?