Packing for an Easter break

We finally break up for Easter tomorrow, and the following day, we are heading for a welcome Easter break in beautiful Wales. It is a trip that will be dominated with the great outdoors, be it the hills and mountains of Snowdonia, or the beaches of Barmouth and Aberdovey. I am totally looking forward to it, but with the weather currently so changeable (we had hail yesterday for goodness sake) what to pack is a little tricky. The weather forecasts are suggesting that light rain showers will be occurring throughout the weekend, and so I’m guessing that I will be living in jeans.

My usual Welsh Wardrobe

My usual Welsh Wardrobe

Luckily I have some great new jeans for the trip, along with some other bits and pieces that have all been picked up from Asda. Asda have been working on a campaign to get us looking at their #geniusjeans and they very kindly allowed me to pick up some jeans from their extensive range. I also found a few other pieces from their current range that will also be making it’s way into my suitcase.

Wonderfit Jeans £18.00 click to visit Asda George

Wonderfit Jeans
£18.00 click to visit Asda George

I chose a pair of the Wonderfit jeans, which I really think should be called the ‘wonderful’ jeans, they are such a fabulous thing to wear. The jeans are designed to work with your body, stretching and growing as they need to, and so feel comfortable to wear as well as looking great. I love the fact that they don’t keep riding down to show the waistband of your pants, and there is no danger of a muffin top as they fit so snugly, without being tight.

Stripe Embellished Top Was £12.00 Now £6.00 click to visit Asda George

Stripe Embellished Top
Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Embellished Top Was £12.00 Now £6.00 click to visit Asda George

Embellished Top
Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Asda George are in the middle of a great sale, and so I was also able to pick up a couple of tops that will look great with the jeans, and also be fine for mixing and matching with other trousers and coloured skinnies. I love stripes in Spring, it’s always my season for calling on nautical patterns, and I don’t think you can ever really go wrong when opting for the classic, clean lines of a white top.

Scenic Print Skirt £14.00 click to visit Asda George

Scenic Print Skirt

And I finally got my skirt! I loved this skirt which I featured in a previous post, so much, that I had to get it. I’m waiting for the summer to wear it with sandals and a camisole, but think it would look great with my fluffy cream jumper as a pretty outfit for Easter Sunday lunch.

Embellished Pointed Toe Ballet Shoes £12.00 click to visit Asda George

Embellished Pointed Toe Ballet Shoes
£12.00 click to visit Asda George

Asda have a fabulous selection of pretty, embellished flat shoes in store at the moment, with these gold beauties being my absolute faves. I’m hoping that some dry weather will allow me to wear them over my holiday, even with, dare I mention it…bare legs! Maybe that is pushing it a little bit, but I do think they will look great with the Wonderfit jeans.

Are you heading off this Bank Holiday – what will you be packing?



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7 thoughts on “Packing for an Easter break

    • Totally agree on all fronts – Asda is super good value. I get things for Joe from there too.

    • I could resist it, I loved that Boden dress too. There’s a dress in this print too, more like a shift dress style.

  1. So many of my friends complain that Asda is a horrible place to get clothes from but they actually have some nice pieces for a good budget. Those jeans sound like my sort of deal (long as they do them in petite) and if I had the right body shape would go for that red top as well.

    • It’s like most places, it has good stuff and the website is pretty extensive so well worth a look. They definitely do some petite jeans, not sure which designs????

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