Getting your holiday hype on

A recent You Gov poll found that only 31% off people get excited when packing for a holiday, and that, once they are there, 1 in 3 woman spend time every day worrying about their weight. I think this is just so sad, holidays should be exciting and enjoyable, with the fun starting the minute you start packing and begin a holiday countdown.

Europa Pharmacy are trying to change this negative approach to holidays, and have started a campaign called #holidayhype. This is all about putting the fun back into holidays from the minute you pull that suitcase from the top of the wardrobe, until the day you shut your hotel room door for the last time. And, as I will be jetting off myself next week, I thought I would share with you a few of the ways I get totally #holidayhyped myself.

  1. New Wardrobe

Going on holiday is the perfect reason to buy some new additions for your wardrobe. You don’t have to have a huge budget – last week I picked up a dress and a playsuit (pictured below) for less than £20 and have had amazing feedback from friends about both pieces. Try everything on in changing rooms and then imagine yourself wearing the stuff poolside with a cocktail in hand. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, nothing will.



2. Plan the Packing and do it in stages

Part of the reason people seem to dread packing is that it takes so long and there is a danger something will be forgotten. So put some fun into it. Don’t do all your packing in one go, do it in stages and have a list that you tick off. Try on your outfits as you go along so that you know if all fits and you’re not packing things that won’t be worn. And maybe leave a little room for new things you might buy in resort, like straw bags, sunhats and sarongs.

Loving the markets

Loving the markets

3. Pampering

Holiday pampering is a definite way of raising your excitement levels. A manicure and pedicure is a lovely way to get your glam on, whilst a massage could get your relaxed and set the holiday mood perfectly. We all want to look our best on holiday, but if you can’t afford this then maybe some new holiday make-up could work just as well.

4.Have a countdown

As the holiday gets closer, have a little holiday countdown. Do a countdown on the fridge, check the weather forecasts every day (especially if the weather is shocking here.) Rather than rushing around the day before you travel, try to make this a relaxing time – take a nice bath, have an early night if you are traveling early, maybe even start the holiday early with a takeaway tea. And then it’s time, so go on, relax and enjoy – it’s your holiday and you’ve worked hard for it.

How do you get excited for your holidays?

My hand luggage essentials

As we move into May, the realisation comes that it is getting very close to holiday time, and I start to think, once again, of what it is I’m going to be packing, both in the suitcase, and in my hand luggage. We are traveling with Jet 2, which means a decent amount of hand luggage (10 kilos), but the fact is that you are going to be carrying this bag around the airport so you don’t want to overload and do yourself a shoulder injury before you actually get there. Affordable family holiday site have recently put together a blog with their hand luggage must haves, and although I agree with most of the list, I think they have missed some key things out.

Here are a few extra things I also keep in my bag.

1. A warm pashmina or scarf.

It has to be said, I always find it cold on aeroplanes, especially when I am flying back from a hot country. A warm scarf of pashmina almost doubles are a blanket, and is perfect for throwing over my shoulders when I start to feel a chill.

You can also use your scarf once you get to the resort as an evening cover-up.

You can also use your scarf once you get to the resort as an evening cover-up.

2. Toner or hydrating spray

The cabin pressure makes me skin really dry, and it often looks awful when I land, so I try to keep it hydrated. Toner is a great way to hydrate, and, as long as you keep the bottle below 100ml, you should be able to carry it on. Or you could use a hydrating spray/mist which is also very refreshing.

Love this hydration mist from L'Occitaine - an absolute fave and perfect when traveling. Click here to view.

Love this hydration mist from L’Occitaine – an absolute fave and perfect when traveling. Click here to view.

3. A good book.

I never start a new book on a flight, it is much better to lose yourself in one you are already enjoying. Crossword books and Sudoku also help to pass the time away a little quicker.

4. Something for Joe.

This is not strictly for me, but Joe is like any six year old and can get a little bored on flights. He has a playtray kit which you can read about here, this is just a perfect way to take a few toys, colouring books, reading books etc to make the journey pass without stress and hassle. I also find letting him choose a new magazine at the airport also helps.

Keeping Joe amused is always a good thing.

Keeping Joe amused is always a good thing.

Those are just a few of my airport essentials – what do you always travel with?


Packing for an Easter break

We finally break up for Easter tomorrow, and the following day, we are heading for a welcome Easter break in beautiful Wales. It is a trip that will be dominated with the great outdoors, be it the hills and mountains of Snowdonia, or the beaches of Barmouth and Aberdovey. I am totally looking forward to it, but with the weather currently so changeable (we had hail yesterday for goodness sake) what to pack is a little tricky. The weather forecasts are suggesting that light rain showers will be occurring throughout the weekend, and so I’m guessing that I will be living in jeans.

My usual Welsh Wardrobe

My usual Welsh Wardrobe

Luckily I have some great new jeans for the trip, along with some other bits and pieces that have all been picked up from Asda. Asda have been working on a campaign to get us looking at their #geniusjeans and they very kindly allowed me to pick up some jeans from their extensive range. I also found a few other pieces from their current range that will also be making it’s way into my suitcase.

Wonderfit Jeans £18.00 click to visit Asda George

Wonderfit Jeans
£18.00 click to visit Asda George

I chose a pair of the Wonderfit jeans, which I really think should be called the ‘wonderful’ jeans, they are such a fabulous thing to wear. The jeans are designed to work with your body, stretching and growing as they need to, and so feel comfortable to wear as well as looking great. I love the fact that they don’t keep riding down to show the waistband of your pants, and there is no danger of a muffin top as they fit so snugly, without being tight.

Stripe Embellished Top Was £12.00 Now £6.00 click to visit Asda George

Stripe Embellished Top
Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Embellished Top Was £12.00 Now £6.00 click to visit Asda George

Embellished Top
Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Asda George are in the middle of a great sale, and so I was also able to pick up a couple of tops that will look great with the jeans, and also be fine for mixing and matching with other trousers and coloured skinnies. I love stripes in Spring, it’s always my season for calling on nautical patterns, and I don’t think you can ever really go wrong when opting for the classic, clean lines of a white top.

Scenic Print Skirt £14.00 click to visit Asda George

Scenic Print Skirt

And I finally got my skirt! I loved this skirt which I featured in a previous post, so much, that I had to get it. I’m waiting for the summer to wear it with sandals and a camisole, but think it would look great with my fluffy cream jumper as a pretty outfit for Easter Sunday lunch.

Embellished Pointed Toe Ballet Shoes £12.00 click to visit Asda George

Embellished Pointed Toe Ballet Shoes
£12.00 click to visit Asda George

Asda have a fabulous selection of pretty, embellished flat shoes in store at the moment, with these gold beauties being my absolute faves. I’m hoping that some dry weather will allow me to wear them over my holiday, even with, dare I mention it…bare legs! Maybe that is pushing it a little bit, but I do think they will look great with the Wonderfit jeans.

Are you heading off this Bank Holiday – what will you be packing?