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Pets Pyjamas – Everything for your furry friend

It will be half term in a couple of weeks, and I must admit to being very excited about this fact. I always love the chance to spend some quality time with my little boy, and this half term we have a very special visitor. My brother’s Springer Spaniel puppy Oscar is coming to stay, and this fact has had me heading to the Pets Pyjamas website looking for doggy essentials and treats to make his stay as comfortable and stress free as possible.


Pets Pyjamas is a one stop shop when you have a much loved pet, in fact it combines the shop with what is almost a social networking site for pet owners. As well as being able to buy pretty much anything for your animal, ranging from beds and blankets, to coats and collars, by way of a great range of grooming products, the Pets Pyjamas website also offers a way for pet owners to get in touch with each other through the fabulously named Social Petwork (brilliant uh!).


The Social Petwork offers a really great service. People share their favourite pet pictures, and offer advice on questions like ‘how to stop your pet scratching the furniture?’.  I also love the fact that information can be placed about rescue animals, meaning the site also offers a valuable service as well as being a lot of fun.

55f7d1d953d15336a88aed48b955fa3cI’m looking after my brother’s dog while he goes away for a much needed holiday, but Pets Pyjamas recognises that many people now want to find animal friendly venues where they can go for holidays and short breaks and be able to take their pet with them – after all, a pet, particularly a dog, is often considered part of the family, so it is a real wrench to leave them behind. The site has become the UK’s Number 1 pet friendly travel site, with hotels and holiday cottages all over the country available at the click of a button.


I love the Pets Pyjamas ethos, they really have thought of everything when it comes to loving and caring for your pet. If you add in the advice concerning pet health that you can find in the online magazine, and the huge range of products available to order, your pet is certainly in safe hands with Pets Pyjamas.

*This is a collaborative post with Pets Pyjamas.


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