Reviewed ‘Gry’ Cotton Tunic from Gudrun Sjoden

When the sun is beating down making us all feel a little hot and sticky, there is nothing in your wardrobe that can beat the coolness of a cotton tunic. It ca help you avoid sunburn by covering the sensitive skin on your shoulders, and yet the freshness of the cotton also means that you remain looking fresh and cool even when the weather reaches 100 degrees.

Gry cotton tunic, now £50

Gudrun Sjoden has produced a really beautiful cotton kaftan that is just perfect for the gorgeous weather we are enjoying at the moment. Called the ‘Gry’, this is a 1970s vintage style tunic that is also a great buy if you are going away on holiday this summer. It comes in two colour ways, a beautiful primrose yellow, and a classic white with blue embroidered yolk detail. I was lucky enough to be sent the white version and made sure it had pride of place in my suitcase on my recent holiday to Menorca.

I cannot recommend this tunic enough, I totally loved it. For a start it is loose, which makes it such a cool item to wear. The sleeves are not tight or restrictive, also important when the temperatures start to rise. The length means that this is the perfect cover-up when you want to leave the beach or pool and go and eat. The yoking detail on the neckline is super pretty, and adds just a splash of colour for interest level.  This tunic reminds me of early Laura Ashley designs, those 1970s smocks and dresses that inspired boho chic, and could easily be worn with a belt as a dress perfect for festival season.

This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe, one which you will wear year after year. The great news is that it is currently in the Gudrun Sjoden sale with £15 off, so it is an even better buy. Definitely worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “Reviewed ‘Gry’ Cotton Tunic from Gudrun Sjoden

  1. Hi there!! Wow really really love this, it looks lovely in both colour ways and is perfect for a heatwave!!

  2. looks fabulous on you – better than on the model! perfect for this heatwave we are having.

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