Spartoo bring in the red, white and blue

Nobody could’ve failed to notice that there is a certain sporting event going on at the moment, an event that seems to be sending everyone a little TEAM GB crazy. The only colours to be seen wearing at the moment are red, white and blue – in whatever combination.

In honour of that event, in honour of Team GB, and in honour of all the medals that we are still to win, I have selected four very special pairs of shoes from Spartoo that allow you to show a bit of patriotism on your feet. I have chosen the Odenie design by Coleur Pourpre that totally embodies all the elements of cool Britannia, yet has a court shoe style to it making it totally wearable. For the blue we have the gothic glamour of the sugar hiccup platforms from Iron Fist, a vibrant cobalt shade embellished with skulls. For the red we have Flick Flack from Irregular Choice, a pair of shoes as witty, vibrant and original as that fabulous opening ceremony. And for the white we have that great British classic, Hush Puppies and the elegant design of the Racey. Whether you chose red, white or blue..or all three you can be sure of one thing – your feet will look in medal winning form.

ODENIE Multi-coloured £ 58.20 


FLICK FLACK Red £ 52.49 

RACEY White £ 36.60 


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