Get your Pantomime Inspiration with Spartoo

Looking for some shoe inspiration this Christmas? Looked at all your usual style icons and found nothing to your fancy? Then why don’t you take a look at some of the shoes sported by those stars of the festive season, the panto characters? Not convinced? Then read on…

Principal Boy = Irregular Choice

The Principal Boy has always been traditionally played by a pretty girl, often in a rather short costume and some form of shoe boots. Irregular Choice have some amazingly quirky bootie style shoes that are quirky and original enough to have been the star of any Pantomime, but being Christmas, my key pick have to be the gloriously sequined Baby Beauty’s.


Fay Lenore in Panto as Principal Boy

Irregular Choice BABY BEAUTY Black £ 84.99 click to visit Spartoo

Cinderella’s glass Slipper = Jerome C Rousseau

The most iconic of all pantomime/fairy tale shoes are those worn by a certain lady with bad timekeeping. Cinderella’s slipper was, of course, made of glass, but that is such an impractical material for a shoe – imagine the smears! I think Cinders would choose the beautiful silver glitter heels from Jerome C Rousseau given half a chance…and who could blame here – they are gorgeous!

AIZZA GLITTER SILVER-GLITTER £ 265.59 Click to visit Spartoo

Alice in Wonderland = Clarks

Now, Alice was a sensible girl, and her choice of footwear reflected that. Flat Mary Janes are perfect for shopping the sales, pounding those pavements when getting the last few Christmas pressies. But sensible Alice also realised that sensible doesn’t mean the shoes can’t also be glamorous, so her Mary Janes were in shiny Patent – a bit like the Frothy Soda’s from Clarks.

FROTHY SODA Black £ 44.99 click to visit Spartoo

Puss in Boots = Hush Puppies

And that brings me to my final pantomime inspiration, which can only be Puss in Boots. After all, what other pantomime has actual footwear in it’ title? I’m rather partial to this image of Puss, in a snazzy pair of red boots. Those boots were definitely meant for walking, and you can channel this fab look with the Lottie boots from Hush Puppies.

Hush Poppies LOTTIE RED / Multi / Blue / Beige / SDE £ 87.99 click to visit Spartoo






Spartoo and the Spooky shoes

When I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with witches shoes, after all, in the Wizard of Oz the witch was wearing the Ruby Red slippers so what was not to love? Even as a child I understood that witches, good or bad, were rather stylish, often wearing shiny black heels, with decidedly pointed toes, or in the occasional Mary Jane style. Even the fabulously bad Meg, of Meg and Mog fame, had some cute heels with shiny gold buckles. Witches shoes were most definitely cool.

Ava Gardner as a sexy witch

This month Spartoo is celebrating the coming of Halloween with a selection of shoes that will shock, delight and spook in equal measures. First there are the designs from Irregular choice which feature the witches familiar, the black cat, in a range of quirky shoes that inspire total admiration and love due to the originality of the design.

WISKERS Black £ 79.99 click to visit Spartoo

SILLY TILLY Black £ 118.99 click to visit Spartoo

Iron Fist have moved away from the quirky with their perfect Halloween heels. Taking another staple of the spooky season, the skull, and then embellishing it onto some very high killer heels, they have created the Halloween shoe that is perfect to add to a simple outfit of jeans and a white tee.

If skulls aren’t your thing, but Taylor Lautner is, you could always pay tribute in the amazing werewolf shoe, the ‘Wolfbeater’, complete with a werewolf eye and lashings of red blood!

SUGAR HICCUP PLATFORM Gold £ 73.99 click to visit Spartoo

WOLFBEATER PLATFORM Red / Black £ 62.99 click to visit Spartoo

Of course, not all witches went for glamour, some were just too cool for school. And if you are from the generation who revere ‘The Craft’ as the ultimate Halloween film, then Spartoo have the perfect boots for you. Revert to classic high leg Doc Martens in black patent for style, comfort and the maximum in hard-wearing footwear, or a traditional Victorian style lace up from Tuk.

1B60 BLACK £ 166.99 click to visit Spartoo

BOUDOIR SWEET JANE Black £ 105.99 click to visit Spartoo






Spartoo bring in the red, white and blue

Nobody could’ve failed to notice that there is a certain sporting event going on at the moment, an event that seems to be sending everyone a little TEAM GB crazy. The only colours to be seen wearing at the moment are red, white and blue – in whatever combination.

In honour of that event, in honour of Team GB, and in honour of all the medals that we are still to win, I have selected four very special pairs of shoes from Spartoo that allow you to show a bit of patriotism on your feet. I have chosen the Odenie design by Coleur Pourpre that totally embodies all the elements of cool Britannia, yet has a court shoe style to it making it totally wearable. For the blue we have the gothic glamour of the sugar hiccup platforms from Iron Fist, a vibrant cobalt shade embellished with skulls. For the red we have Flick Flack from Irregular Choice, a pair of shoes as witty, vibrant and original as that fabulous opening ceremony. And for the white we have that great British classic, Hush Puppies and the elegant design of the Racey. Whether you chose red, white or blue..or all three you can be sure of one thing – your feet will look in medal winning form.

ODENIE Multi-coloured £ 58.20 


FLICK FLACK Red £ 52.49 

RACEY White £ 36.60