Spring Styles And Finds

I don’t mind admitting that I love the physical act of shopping. Online is also fantastic, as the ranges are usually more extensive, but that physical activity of walking through a shop, seeing all the new season colours and styles, and then trying the item on to avoid the disappointment of getting it home and then it doesn’t fit, they are all things that I love and cherish. And they are things that we may not be able to do for quite some time.

Whilst trying to make some space in my phone gallery today, I came across a lot of photographs that I had taken a few weeks ago, of items that had caught my eye when I had been out and about. I often take pictures of items that I hope to go back to and maybe buy at some point, or as a visual reminder that I can send to the hubby for birthdays, Mother’s Day’s etc.

Here are some things that had taken my eye recently.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is one of my fave stores, a place to find the cool, the quirky, the sometimes downright weird, and pretty much everything in between. A few of my obsessions are Sex and the City and flamingos, and both of these things have been well served in TK Maxx, and there has also been a lot of pink, definitely my current favourite colour.


As someone who really believes that accessories make the outfit, I find Accessorize in Grand Central to be my idea of an Aladdin’s Cave. Spring always brings new designs and styles, usually with a holiday slant, and this season is no different.

I am obsessed with the dotted bags that have a feel of both the 1950’s, and the 1980’s Princess Diana style. Pearls are also having a moment, the long strands with the mixture of sizes are fabulous, whilst the regal headband with the face net is stunning, something like Princess Grace would’ve worn.


My favourite High Street store by a mile, H&M always delivers on print, style and accessories. The raspberry straw bag is a must have for Summer, when hopefully this crisis will be over and we’re back enjoying Summer sunshine.

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