Swarovski Crystal Jewellery – The perfect Christmas gift idea.

For many ladies this Christmas, there is just one thing that they wish to find in their Christmas stocking. No, I’m not talking about George Clooney or David Gandy, although I’m sure they would be popular choices too, I’m talking about the gift of jewellery. It is always such a treat to be given a little parcel, and to know it contains something beautiful and sparkling that has been especially chosen for us by someone special.  And, let’s be honest, when we talk about perfect sparkling bling, can we think of anything better than a gift from Swarovski UK?

Swarovski crystal Stone bangle, slim. £119 click to visit Burns Jeweller

One of the best places to find an enormous selection of Swarovski gifts is Burns Jewellers. Burns Jewellers is well established in the area of Jewellery, with over 50 years experience of providing quality pieces, both through stores, and now online. This year they have a fabulous range of Swarovski pieces, that include jewellery, pens and exquisite picture frames.

Swarovski crystal Sophisticated bangle, size small.
£159 click to visit Burns Jewellers

What I really love about the Swarovski range at Burns is the choice and variety of the pieces. For the traditionalists there are the wonderful crystal clear stones, set in bangles, necklaces and some truly lovely ring settings.But, if you are looking for something a little more unusual there are some stunning pieces that use a variety of coloured stones. I have fallen in love with the monochrome pieces, which are super-stylish and have an Art Deco look to them. There are also some fun pieces that utilise cord fastenings and chains that are a perfect gift for smart teenagers.

Swarovski crystal Louise bangle black/white. £149 click to visit Burns Jewellers


Swarovski Crystal Triumphal Mixed Dark Crystal Brooch £99 click to visit Burns Jewellers

Swarovski Crystal Shourouk Pink Cord Bracelet £79 click to visit Burns Jewellers

There are just so many perfect gift ideas from Swarovski UK this year, and with free delivery on all orders over £25, Burns Jewellers website is a great place to check out the many wonderful and varied Swarovski designs.




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