Stylish Television – The Last Post

My Sunday night viewing is currently dominated by ‘The Last Post’ a series set in the mid 1960s in the British territory of Aden (now part of The Yemen). Aden was a jewel in the British Empire, but this was a time when the Empire was very much in its last throes, and the hidden conflict in Aden very much reflects this. Programmes that are centred around war and the armed forces are not my usual viewing, but ‘The Last Post’ also features on the lives of the army wives, and I am totally in love with their pretty incredible wardrobes.

The key looks are those worn by actresses Jessica Raine and Jessie Buckley. They are the very epitome of chalk and cheese when it comes to their personal style, but still look amazing and have totally covetable wardrobes. Jessica’s character, Alison Laithwaite, is sensuous but unhappy, a free spirit in love with a dead lover who is totally at odds with what an army wife should be like. Her wardrobe reflects this, slinky, fitted dresses which echo the dresses of the mid 1960s in all areas except the length – the mini skirt hasn’t reached Aden, although you can well imagine the non-conformist Alison wearing one.

Jessie Buckley’s character, newly wed Honor Martin, is super pretty, but is also very prim and proper when it comes to style. Her look is actually stuck in the 1950s, even though the series is set in 1965, with full skirts teamed with crispy white shirts, pretty prom style  dresses and sensible shoes. She looks pretty incredible, cool and crisp in that intense desert heat.

The Last Post is definitely gets my vote for the most stylish series on television this Autumn, a total feast for the eyes for those who love vintage fashion.

Are you an Alison or a Jessica?


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#FanDayFriday (on a Monday!) Vintage Dresses

My #FanDayFriday post is a few days late. It was my wedding anniversary on the 6th and my hubby took me away for a lovely long weekend in Lincoln, so today I am catching up, and I’m actually taking inspiration from one of the things that made my weekend so perfect – shopping for vintage dresses.

I have a real love for vintage clothes, and trying to find lovely pieces from the past is something I really enjoy. I don’t have a particular decade that I prefer, I look at the individual piece rather than bothering with the time frame, but I do have quite a few 1970s dresses, and I added to my collection with two new ones this weekend, picked up from the fabulous St Barnabas hospice shops that have amazing vintage sections complete with selfie booths.

The first dress was a St Michael label M&S dress in the prettiest yellow shade. The condition was very good, although I think it would originally have included a tie belt. I am going to add a thin animal print belt which I think will contrast nicely with the yellow shade. For £5.99 it was an absolute bargain.


The second dress was a Shubette of London 1970s design that I loved for its mixed prints. Shubette was founded in 1913 and is a much sort after label. I love that this dress would work well for Summer or Autumn, the fabric is thicker and stiffer than a normal sundress and so would look great with heels and a jacket. Another great find for £8, and I got a string of jet beads to perfectly match it.



I’d actually packed another vintage dress in my suitcase, and I wore this for a touch of sightseeing. This one cost the princely sum of £2 from a Salvation Army shop and I love it, 1960s era with a simple dotted print and quite simply the only thing you could wear to shoot a storm trooper.



Of course, charity shops aren’t the only places you can find vintage, and for really special pieces it is worth looking in dedicated vintage shops. Ego Clothing in Lincoln stocks a range of reproduction pieces and authentic vintage from all eras, including labels like Hatty Carnegie, Pierre Cardin and Berketex.

I totally fell in love with a brocade evening dress from the late 1950s/early 1960s and decided it would be perfect for my anniversary dinner. It had no size label, but there was a changing room and I tried it on twice before deciding it was for me. I’m so glad I did!






This week I am linking up with the fabulous Amanda and Bryan from Forever Blessed. You can read their #FanDayFriday post here.

The Legacy of Lilly Pulitzer

The amazing Lilly Pulitzer died yesterday at the age of 81. She was the socialite turned designer who created the tropical and palm print shift dress that became a timeless style classic, one of those items that appears in designer collections and High Street ranges every single season.

Lilly created the original dresses by happy accident, she wanted prints that could disguise orange juice and fruit stains, and used a range of fabulous, over the top prints, and beautiful bright colours to create dresses that were fun and yet retained a simple elegance. By the 1960s her star was in ascendance as Jackie Kennedy herself was photographed wearing her designs.

Lily’s beautiful, yet informal dresses have become a byword for summer style. Her legacy is not to be dismissed. Think of your own summer wardrobe and you will probably own something in a tropical palm print, whether it be a dress or something else. Each year the style returns, it seems we all like to add a little bit of sultry tropical summer to our lives. Lilly’s original designs are now much sought after at fashion auctions and online sales, and much copied, with Sex and the City showcasing a host of Lilly styled designs. There is no doubt that Lilly Pulitzer will live on through the wonderful gift of sunshine she added to our clothes lives.

The Legacy of Lilly at Wallis

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