Cutting the Cost of Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are an important accessory for the fashionable woman.  They are a symbol of status and social mobility. Several high end handbags tip the pricing scales at just over £20,000. Those, of course, are extreme examples, but there are a great number of designer handbags that can set a person back anywhere from £2,000 to £4,000. Even the lower end stock of reputable handbag designers price out at the £300 to £500 range.  Needless to say, many designer handbags are so expensive that they remain but a dream for a large portion of the population. A Payday Loan could help make your dream a reality by providing the funds needed to purchase the bag of your choice.

If you have had your heart set on the more expensive handbags, you might be feeling a bit hopeless at this time. Fortunately, there are ways for you to style yourself beautiful with these types of handbags even if you are not part of the social elite.

Rent Them

Did you know that film and fashion companies regularly hire out designer handbags? Since they only need the bags on a short term basis it does not make sense for them to buy the bags outright. This is something you can do as well. Many companies that once only rented designer handbags to companies are now renting them out to individuals as well. If the idea of hiring out a handbag appeals to you, here are a few places to check out:

Elite Couture

Elite Couture was one of the companies that started out by renting designer handbags to the film and fashion industry.  You can join Elite Couture for free or take a paid option and get additional benefits, such as discounts on bag hires, complimentary gifts, and providing insurance for the handbags. You can see Elite Couture’s membership options here.

Classic Chanel 2.55

Classic Chanel 2.55

Designer Handbag Hire

Designer Handbag Hire’s membership plan is listed at £9.99/month but frequently reduces the price to £4.95/month. Membership provides you with significant discounts on bag hires. You can take a look at some of the member versus non-member prices here.



Swap Them

If you are fortunate enough to already have one or more designer handbags, but are on a quest for a different style, there are places where you can swap your handbag with other handbag owners. You can either swap your bags with other people or list your bags for sale, and buy designer bags from others at lower prices than you would if you were to buy them new. Here are a couple places where you can swap designer handbags:

Big Wardrobe is a site that allows you to swap designer items from people all over the world. You can sign up for free and buy, swell, or swap designer items. The site has over 100,000 members, so the chances are quite good that you will be able to find a swap that suits your needs. is free to join and allows you to list your bags for just £1.00. The site also has a forum in which you can discuss various aspects of the designer handbag industry.

Slightly Damaged Designer Handbags

If you want to get substantial discounts on designer handbags, consider buying slightly damaged one. If you don’t mind a broken zipper, damaged handle, or a ripped lining, this could be a great option for you to consider. Of course, you don’t want to do this if the damage is obvious and you will be at a social event where you will be under close scrutiny. But if you are buying the bag more for a stylish look for casual occasions, this option could suit you well. You can find slightly damaged designer bags on eBay.

Selfridges – White Christmas leaves me feeling all festive.

Cover of "White Christmas"

Cover of White Christmas

Last Thursday saw the press day to  celebrate the launch of Selfridges Christmas department. This year the theme is White Christmas, and Fashion-Mommy was able to have a sneaky peak at all the exquisite gifts that will be on offer for the  festive season.

Dior Bear £700

It was quite disconcerting to leave the sticky, summer heat outside and to then walk into a winter wonderland, but that’s exactly what happened. Bing Crosby crooned in the background, whilst a snow machine produced flurries of the white stuff. And this was perfectly apt, because there was an awful lot of white stuff on  offer in the gift department.  Beautiful white leather bags from the likes of Anya Hindmarch, Victoria Beckham and Givenchy, sat next to Smythson leather-bound notebooks and diaries. There was also a gorgeous exclusive Orla Kierly White Christmas bag and purse designed especially for Selfridges. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the snowy white Doc Martens, which were frankly amazing!

Mannequins posed in the snow wearing an array of (what else) white dresses designed by Roland Mouret and Vivienne Westwood. There was also a long white Issa column dress that I can imagine the Duchess of Cambridge, well-known for her love of Issa and the colour white, wearing in the coming months.

But not everything was white, nor was everything super luxurious with a price tag to match. There were gifts from all price points starting at just £5.  I loved the Ugg fluffy ear muffs, and the pretty Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb  perfume set, which comes in a gorgeous glittery box. For the men in your life, there were a stylish array of cuff links from Mont Blanc and Lanvin,  along with fabulous, and now frankly obligatory , Christmas Jumpers.

But the most eye-catching and gasp-worthy items were amongst the smallest. A table was covered in an assortment of the most beautiful miniature shoes made by the likes of Charlotte Olympia, Repetto , Dune, Havaianas and Penelope Chilvers. These were joined on the table by mini Fendi baguette bags, and Westwood Anglomania bags. ‘What are these for?’ I enquired, ‘Are they just collectables?’ No, these were the fillings for the special Selfridges Advent calendar. And the price, if you bought it all complete? A cool £18,000! Definitely worth remortgaging the house for!

The Duchess of Cambridge – Let’s give Kate a break.

Well, it had to happen, the knives are already out in the fashion world for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. The always immaculate Duchess is being criticised online for her choice of wardrobe for the tour of Canada.

I am beginning to feel  really sorry for Kate, it seems that she really can’t please all the people, all the time. When she wears the High Street she is told she should be supporting British Designers by the likes of Vogue’s Alexandra Shulman and Grazia’s Laura Craik. When she recycles outfits there are moans about wearing something new. And now she is being accused of playing it too safe and being boring!

The latest round of comments have been posted on one of my most beloved fashion websites, ‘The red carpet fashion awards’. Looking at the latest Kate outfit yesterday, the beautiful Alexander McQueen wool knit dress that evoked the style of early 1920s Chanel,I was surprised by the vitriolic comments that had been posted. ‘Bored’, ‘so bored of her already’, ‘so basic’, ‘aging by the day’, ‘disappointed’, ‘looks like a grandma’s outfit’, the comments go on and on. So I think it’s about time someone spoke up in Kate’s defence.

I think Kate has done a fabulous job on this tour so far.She has produced a wardrobe,without the aid of a stylist or dresser, that has been able to showcase British High Street (Reiss, LK Bennett), British based designers (McQueen, Issa, Roland Mouret, Catherine Walker), and also Canadian designers- as a tribute to  the host nation (Erdem  on two occasions). She has recycled looks to avoid the tag of spendthrift – the Issa dress and the Reiss Nannette. She has worn her hair in many variations and hasn’t worn too many fascinators. She has worn fashion forward looks – particularly the Erdem, and has also managed to boost sales for Joseph and Anya Hindmarch. She has done all this whilst remaining elegant, smart, stylish, appropriately Duchess like and retaining elements of wardrobe control. What exactly is not to like?

Kate is accused of being boring – but she is a Duchess, she can’t dress sexy like Cheryl Cole or any  other member of Girls Aloud. She has to maintain dignity, but also be comfortable, being on her feet for long  periods of time – hence the low heeled shoes. She also has to promote the British Fashion Industry without appearing overly spendthrift during difficult times. There have been moans about the amount of column  dresses and shift dresses she has worn, with calls to mix it up. But these genuinely suit Kate and her figure, and true style icons don’t mix it up all that much – think Jackie Kennedy and her shift dresses and pill box hats, Kate Moss in her endless wardrobe of skinny jeans and Audrey Hepburn in her Givenchy. When  members of the Royal family do mix it up, they often face ridicule anyway – think Beatrice and Eugenie at the Royal wedding, or Diana in America with her wet look hair and Galliano dress that  was said to look like a nightie – fashion forward but not for Royalty.

Kate is still developing her own royal style and this doesn’t happen overnight,  let any of us try to adapt that suddenly to a wardrobe full of constraints. So what if she loves navy, this is probably her alternative to black, and she looks fab in this strong shade. I hope that the Kate critics take a step back and give her a break. She couldn’t go out looking like Lady Gaga, even if she wanted too!