Staying Fresh this Season

Life gets hectic around the holiday season as almost everything that qualifies as normal routine takes a back seat. There are shopping, decorations, parties, family, guests… the list goes on. With so much going on its normal to feel stressed out and just sit there wondering how a ‘celebration’ can get so worrisome. Here are ways to stay healthy and fresh, just a few simple pointers that will stop you from going down the vicious cycle of a holiday-burnout:

  1. Eat healthy-

From Christmas to New Year with numerous parties lined up and people to see, no wonder you couldn’t say no to that extra glass of champagne. Or a chocolate bar perhaps? How about some more eggnog?

Whatever it was that you regret eating, make sure you use a healthy substitute for it the next time. Also, it is okay to take a slice of that lavish chocolate cake, just make sure you don’t have those slices repeatedly!


  1. Relax-

With so much to do and so many places to be at, it gets difficult to take some time out for relaxation. No matter how crammed your schedule may be, make sure you take out at least half an hour to be by yourself. Pursue your hobbies during this time, or if you want some entertainment, play a game of bingo at GameVillage, one of the best websites for playing online bingo. To know more click on GameVillage.

  1. Have fun-

The holidays aren’t all about perfect pictures and flawless outfits. They are about having fun and sharing with your loved ones. So keep that in mind as you cruise your way through this winter. Express gratitude and become a reason for someone’s happiness. Spread some smiles and you are bound to make these holidays much more memorable!


My days of motherhood with online bingo

Life as a mother is never less than hectic. From dawn to dusk, the schedule is always packed with a family to take care of. But with the right kind of stress-busting activities a mother’s lifestyle can be improved to some extent, if not completely changed!  Those daily responsibilities, from preparing a child’s lunch-box or helping a child with studies, could be less tiring if she herself manages to take some time for herself too.

My advise for all the mummies out there is to indulge in something you enjoy. Something that will relax you physically and mentally! There can be many activities a mom can opt for from watching her favourite soap opera or movies,  going for a walk, doing some meditation or yoga or even playing some computer games!

A daily dose of your favourite program would never fail to relax your mind and surely brings a smile on your face after your hectic routine. A walk for sometime either in mornings or evenings would also refresh you up as you get a chance to take in healthy and fresh air. According to statistics, among the most exciting activities, that instantly delights most of the mothers around UK effortlessly in minutes at the end of the day, is a game of online bingo.

Famous Bingo Fans

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-bingo.png (410×260)

Catherine Zeta Jones

russell-crowe-bingo.png (410×234)

Russell Crowe

gavin-stacey-572827183.jpg (615×410)

Stacey and Ness played Bingo in a famous episode

Online bingo is not in fact a newbie in the business of online gaming. Most women, around the age groups of 25 to 60 love the excitement the game offers. And I too confess, that I am a big fan too. I would recommend this site as it has an unique range of 75-ball bingo games and 90-ball bingo games in their games lobby. I have been playing on the site for a few months now and I am absolutely impressed.

At times I even enjoy a few slot games here. The best part is that most of the tickets come with a buy one get one free scheme, which means you can take that time to yourself without breaking the bank financially, and make sure you have a little fun in the process.


Online bingo – Entertainment at home

Playing online bingo has benefits that only a player who plays the game regularly will be able to experience. There is a reason as to why online bingo sites are chosen more extensively as compared to other online games, and that is that when we talk about online bingo sites, we are also talking about a wide range of casino and slot games.

All online bingo sites have a variety of lotto style games along with heaps of other non bingo games as well. This keeps players entertained and that is a reason for why the online bingo industry is a booming industry today.


In the UK, gambling has been an important aspect of time that people spend on the internet. The UK is among the few countries that has legalized online and offline gambling and has well established and organized authorities to safeguard the interests of all gamblers. Online bingo sites have to be licensed with the right authority in order to be able to provide all gambling related services.

Among all the gambling games, bingo has always been the most preferred as the game doesn’t involve a lot of skill to play. Everything depends on one’s luck. Online bingo sites come up with innovative games and the face of the game has changed as the software being used enables players to buy multiple tickets to each game, and from being a purely 75-ball and 90-ball game, there are now variations viz 50-ball, 80-ball and even 30-ball bingo games. That’s not all, you can even play bingo on the go on your mobile devices and tablets as most sites are made compatible with various screen sizes.


All of these games have prizes of their own and there also is a progressive jackpot that can be won. These jackpots keep growing in figures until there finally is a winner. Players are also given free bingo tickets, additional no deposit bingo bonuses and prize draw entries to keep the enthusiasm of the game alive.

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