Is Home Teeth Whitening a good idea?

One aspect of the beauty industry that keeps on growing is the teeth whitening market. There is more and more pressure these days to have a beautiful white smile to compliment your hair and outfit. Having white teeth is a sign of good health and is something we all want, and the best, professional teeth whitening is done by a professional dentist, although you can now buy home whitening kits too. If you choose to have your teeth whitened, either by a cosmetic dentist, or at home, make sure you seek advice from professtionals like before you go ahead.


Benefits of home teeth whitening

One of the obvious benefits of whitening at home is the convenience. A lot of people do not like visiting the dentist, so if there is a way to avoid this they will take it. Most effective products have been designed to be as simple to use as possible with simplicity being key.

Price, as mentioned above, is another key benefit. The best quality professional services will cost hundreds of pounds, whereas many home kits are far cheaper. Toothpick dentists suggest you will pay between £200 and £900 for professional treatment.

With the right product, you can actually strengthen tooth enamel. This is important for your overall dental care and provides an added benefit aside from the actual aesthetic considerations. And if you need a dentist to help you out instead, visit the endodontist in TN.

Types of home products

The cheapest and easiest product to use is whitening toothpaste. Almost every brand offers a whitening option, and you can simply replace your normal variety with the enhanced one. People tend to have mixed results with these products but they can be worth trying.

Whitening strips tend to be more effective, but require more time. Normally, you have a pack of strips for upper and lower teeth and leave them for between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on the product recommendations. These are not always advised as there is no professional supervision, and the trays can be poorly adapted to the teeth which can cause bleaching of the gums.


Benefits of going pro

If you want to spend the money and need the quickest possible option, professional whitening is the way to go. As mentioned, some dentists provide kits that you use at home from a mould, but laser whitening is far quicker and you don’t have to mess around applying the gel each day.

Some home whitening options may not last quite as long and require more effort. Lifestyle will influence how long a professional treatment lasts, but it is estimated from a few months to 3 years.

While there are always small risks involved in any procedure, knowing a professional dentist is present will always give you peace of mind and assurance that everything is being done correctly.

Overall, home teeth whitening provides a cheaper alternative, but you sacrifice some of the convenience of going to a professional. As long as we spend so much time drinking coffee, tea and red wine though, there will always be a demand for anything that can help us look our best.

3 Ways to Give your Dentistry Website Top Ranks via Social Media

Social media marketing is an important part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. In this day and age, when almost everyone is on social media, social media marketing is no longer an option. It is the best way for companies and businesses to create brand awareness and let their services be known to a big magnitude of people.

A bigger percentage of businesses, big or small use social media to attract customers and believe you me, dentistry is no different. Therefore, if you are a dentist and would love to make a name for yourself online, then social media is a good platform for that. Before we get to ways that you can use to market yourself on social media, let’s first look at why social media is a good platform for your business.

  • Traffic and more traffic – As a dentist, you can agree that there is too much competition from other dentists out there, right? After all, business is all about competition. However, regardless of the competition, you must stand out and convince as many viewers as possible that you are among the best in the dentistry market.

Lucky for you, social media is the place to find the traffic that you need. Get as many people to our site as possible through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and the like.

  • Social Media is a Big SEO Booster – for you to get a spot at the top search engine ranks like, you must generate killer content pieces for your website, right? Well, this is an SEO strategy that a great majority of people are aware of. Interestingly, social media posts, likes and views will help you climb higher to the top rank.

Now that you have the best understanding of how social media is important for you, here are 3 ways of how to get search engine rankings through social media


  1. Give your audience good quality pictures

Social media is a place where you interact with people from all walks of life and what is interesting is that you can interact with your potential client base on social media. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant social media platform is strong enough to take your business or career to the next level. Having said that, you can give your social media audience good quality images of what you are all about. Believe you me, a picture says a lot.

  1. Link your audience to your Website

When doing your social media postings, you can leave a link for your audience that will direct them to your website. However, for that link to have some meaning, you must ensure that the actual post is relevant, convincing and above all worth reading. If not, not so many people will be interested in clicking that link.

  1. Keep posting

The joy of social media is the fact that you can post as many times as possible. There is no limit. As a dentist whose intention is to reach out to a mass audience, you can use this to your advantage. Leave relevant posts for your audience and be sure to leave a follow up address or contact details.


Teresa Rivers is a web content writer. She has been offering content writing services for 7 years now. For more on search engine optimization and digital marketing, visit this website

The Waterpik Water Flosser

Tooth and mouth hygiene has moved on a lot in recent times, the days when flossing meant pulling a thin piece of string through the teeth has long since past. These days, the cleverest and most hygienic way to floss is with a Water Flosser, with the Waterpik variety being one of the best on the market.


Waterpik flossers are very simple to use, but promise you healthier gums within 14 days of first using it. They are up to two times more effective than using a string floss, and can also be used even if you are wearing braces, or have crowns, implants or bridges. They also deal with the tongue – an often neglected area of the mouth, and one which can have an effect on the breath.

The flosser is super easy to use, and is quick to set up. You first fill the reservoir with water, this is on the back of the flosser and is easy to remove. You then choose the tip that you require. These include:-

  • The tongue cleaner
  • The orthodontic Tip for braces
  • Plaque seeker tip – for braces, implants and bridges
  • The classic jet tip – for everything


You then just switch it on, deciding on the pressure from two settings. The flosser will then clean the whole mouth due to 360 degree rotation of the tip – this means that even the hard to reach areas get the correct coverage. Food debris that is left in the mouth is instantly and painlessly removed and your mouth feels cleaner and fresher within a couple of minutes. As well as this, the mixture of water pressure and pulsations massages and stimulates the gums, which is why this can help you if you have problems with this are of your mouth. The below the gumline area is another much neglected area of the mouth, but the Waterpik flosser addresses this.




The Waterpik Water Flosser is just a perfect addition to your oral hygiene, one that can be added to your every day routines and will actually has a health advantage as well as just the aesthetically pleasing aspect of a lovely smile.


Don’t forget it is currently  National smile month (16th May – 16th June), this would be a great investment to help you get that Hollywood smile.