My Sixpence Double Coin Necklace

I have always been a magpie when it comes to beautiful pieces of jewellery. Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to jewellery that sparkles and shines, eye catching pieces designed to delight with their beauty, but also to be loved and worn, rather than just sitting in jewellery boxes gathering dust.

I think my love of beautiful jewellery came from my grandmother. She was a glamorous lady, and her special passion was also reserved for jewellery. Many of her favourite pieces were made up of coins. This included a stunning coin charm bracelet that seemed to jangle with every movement, and a lovely gold sovereign ring that was not overly big, as sovereigns can often be, but instead was delicate and pretty, perfect for an elegant ladies finger.

I have to admit to loving coin jewellery myself, Kate Moss has often worn a silver coin bracelet during the summer and the style works so well with boho styling, as well as adding interest to a simple jeans and shirt combo. In addition, Holly Willoughby has been photographed wearing a stunning double coin necklace that sits perfectly on pretty much any neckline, looks great, perfect with evening wear or worn casually. This style is both vintage in appearance, due to the nature of the coins, but is also very modern and will easily complement up to date, minimal wardrobes.


I have been wearing my own double coin necklace a lot recently. It came from the company Natural Amber and is actually made up of two British Sixpence coins that have been soldered together, with a fixed chain added to them. The coins shine beautifully as they have been specially chosen for their perfect nature – these are coins that have no scratches or flaws. They have also been highly polished  by hand in order to increase the quality of their appearance, and then they have been plated to ensure the finish is perfect. The necklaces are such high quality because they are hand created by a specialist jewellery team, these are not mass produced pieces, but have been created with love and care.




This necklace makes a perfect gift for so many reasons – I believe anyone would be happy to receive one. The delicate nature of the necklace, the fact it is no too big and ostentatious, makes it a really wearable piece for people of pretty much any age or taste. It would be a perfect gift for a bride, or someone celebrating an anniversary or graduation. The fact that the sixpence is also said to be lucky adds to the lustre of giving this as a gift – we all remember the tradition of finding a lucky sixpence in a Christmas pudding, so what better gift to give someone who is taking exams, or starting a new job, or getting married?



In addition, I love the history behind a necklace made up of such iconic coins, it has a beautiful authenticity to it, and if it is then passed down through generations in your family, it is a piece that will have a lovely legacy too.

Wearing my Double Coin Necklace



Have you ever worn any coin inspired jewellery?


Beautiful Jewellery from Glitz Blizzard

Finding out about new and unusual jewellery companies is definitely on of the plus points of writing a blog. One such company is Glitz Blizzard. The lovely Zeynep designs and creates beautiful handmade pieces which combine glitter and glamour with a vintage edge.  I was sent one of the glitterbomb hearts to review on the blog and have to say these pieces are unique, delicate and oh so pretty!

The necklace combines an antique style chain with a gorgeous glitterbomb heart pendant. The chain sits nicely in the nape of the neck, making this a lovely choice if you are wearing a v-neck top. The heart itself comes in a range of colours depending on the glitter chosen, my heart is a deep purple, but with shimmers of blue, silver and gold coming through dependent on the light. The frame of the heart is again an antique gold style casing, and the glitter is kept in place with resin. The whole effect is one of sparkle and shine – you cannot avoid using the word pretty when you talk about this necklace.


A close up of the stunning heart.

DSCN1218[1]This is the sort of necklace you could easily wear every day to add a little sparkle and glitz to your outfit. It catches the eye, but not in an ostentatious, over-the-top way. It would also be a great gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s Day, or even a way to say ‘I love you’ to mom on Mother’s Day.


Purple with purple – love this necklace with this Scarlett and Jo dress.


Dress Scarlett and Jo (Similar here) Boots Spartoo Necklace Glitz Blizzard

For more information on the different designs from Glitz Blizzard, and for how to order, please visit the facebook page

*With thanks to Zeynep from Glitz Blizzard for my beautiful necklace.



Happy Birthday Nude Jewellery

Stylish London Jewellery designers Nude Jewellery are celebrating their 12th birthday this month. The brand, which really is a must visit destination for lovers of jewellery, showcases the very best in contemporary jewellery, whilst also offering customers a selected range of designer pieces, along with a bespoke service which allows the creation of unique handmade jewellery. Designer Nikki Galloway and her team of in-house jewellers are based in London’s chic Mayfair, and the jewels they create reflect the style and substance of that fabulous setting.

Nude Jewellery very kindly sent me 12 bloggers a stunning piece of jewellery to help celebrate their special birthday, and I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers they chose. The piece I was sent was the Vanilla Links triple link silver necklace, which is one of the brands handmade pieces, created by Nikki Galloway in silver. The necklace is a stunning piece, with three different sized links suspended freely on a silver snake chain.  Each link had been hammered to create a texture that adds interest, especially when the necklace catches the light. The necklace sits neatly on the collarbone, and is a beautiful, delicate piece that is a refined and elegant addition to any outfit. It is a classic piece that could be worn for any occasion, from adding style to a work outfit, to shining against a little black dress.


Excuse the chipped nail polish – a busy birthday party day and no time to sort it out!


With Christmas sparkle all around, I think this is the perfect necklace to wear when you are sporting glitter and sequins, it is a beautifully simple design that reflects so prettily with any added sparkle. I wore this for my little boy’s birthday party yesterday and loved the way it look with a top with a slightly rounded neckline.



Birthday outfit – with Nude Jewellery necklace



The necklace has the perfect length chain to hang so prettily.

Nude Jewellery is a fabulous place to visit if you are looking for a special piece of handmade or designer jewellery for yourself or a loved one. I’ve fallen in love with so many pieces on their website, and I’m pretty sure you would too.