7 Fashion Items That Are Harmful To Your Health

Nobody wants to look drab.  That is why fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry.  One of the things we do not consider though, is that there are fashion items that may pose a health risk to you.  Whenever you make your choices in the world of fashion, it is important that you look at them in light of health as well – your current health and future health as well.  Here are a few fashion items that you should definitely reconsider:

  • Tight bras – Some women wear bras that are just too tight.  Unfortunately, wearing a bra that does not fit you right exposes you to several different health risks and complications.  These include pain in the breasts, blood circulation that is poor and even back pain that is caused by poor posture.
  • Control pants – These seem to be a brilliant buy for woman who hate their stomach area.  Unfortunately, these pose a danger to breathing, digestive system and even heart due to the pressure exerted. If you do wear these, make sure they are comfortable and not too tight.
  • High heels – High End fashion seems incomplete without a pair of high heels to complete an outfit.  These may look good but they put all your weight on the joints.  Unfortunately in your latter years you may suffer back pain and arthritis as a result.  You can take care of your back and joints by wearing reasonable heels instead of the kind that have you teetering on your toes.

FASHION MODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL FALLS DURING THE VIVIENNE WESTWOOD FASHION SHOW IN PARIS, 1993. Poise, elegance and grace are the hallmarks of a top model. But they're wrtechedly difficult to maintain when you're totering along the catwalk in shoes with 5in platform soles and 12 in heels. Too difficult as it happened for Naomi Campbell, one of the star performers at Vivienne Westwood's stunning show during Paris Fashion Week. The 5ft 10in supermodel went form an elegant sashay to a crumpled heap in the blink of a false eyelash as she toppled over the purple, mock crocodile shoes. ...FASHION MODEL

  • Heavy bags – Most women love a good handbag and if it can carry all your stuff in it, the better.  Unfortunately, some of these handbags can become very heavy as women throw all their junk in them and then tote them around all day as they visit friends and go to work.  Heavy handbags can lead to serious pain of the shoulder, neck and back.  Make sure to only carry the things you need for that particular time out and no more


  • Skinny Jeans – Depending on how tight you like them; skinny jeans can actually be a problem.  The challenge comes when they compress your nerves leading to numbness.  There is also a link between tight skinny jeans and thrush due to lack of air circulation and in men, infertility may become a problem.


  • Piercings – It is now common for people to have various parts of their bodies pierced.  Unfortunately, piercings expose you to the risk of infection.  It is possible to have the particular pierced area swell and also bleed.  Some people may develop itching and develop allergies from the kind of jewelry they where depending on the materials they are made from.  Heavy, dangling earrings are especially prone to causing itching and allergy.
  • Flip flops – These are well loved because of how comfy they are.  It is important to only where them when you are out at the beach or such a place because they can potentially cause shin splints and joint pain.

Taking care of your posture in high heels

Whatever style you prefer, whether it’s stiletto, kitten heel, platform, wedge or court, the high heel shoe has many fans. And from a fashion and aesthetic point of view, it’s easy to understand why. The higher the heel the more elongated your silhouette becomes. A heel gives us height, making us feel more confident and appear more slender.


But high heels give us other things, too – like posture problems, foot conditions, aching joints and other physical ailments. Wearing high heels every day for long periods can have detrimental effects on your health, but specifically your posture.

Victoria Beckham wears enormous heels

Victoria Beckham wears enormous heels


Ramping it up

Wearing high heels mimics the action of standing on a ramp and in such a position your body is out of alignment and posture suffers. This unnatural angle causes the chest, lower back and hips all to be pushed forward, out of line with the spine. This piles pressure and excess strain onto hips, knees and ankles and over time negatively impacts on posture. Those who wear towering heels over a long period are at risk of altering their body’s anatomy – changes such as shortened calves and thickened tendons occur because the body is out of balance and needs to compensate.


For posture problems that cause discomfort, a visit to a professional such as Chiropractor Sol Cogan will help identify areas where improvements can be made. Chiropractors are familiar with the spinal and posture problems triggered by high heeled footwear and frequently offer relief to those troubled with this type of pain.



A flat future?

So what else can be done? Do we have to ditch our favorite stilettos and wear flatties for the foreseeable future? The answer is no, but you would be wise to adjust your high heel wearing habits if you want to avoid long term issues with posture, joint pain and foot problems.

If you are a committed, daylong wearer of stilettos, consider cutting heel height down to no more than two inches. Try wearing comfortable trainers with good arch support on your way to work and changing into heels on arrival – this will give your body a chance to move in a free and relaxed way which will promote healthier posture. Make time for some stretching exercises before and after slipping on your heels, this will help to relax calf muscles which can become cramped and bulging with excessive high heel wear.  At the gym, work on strengthening core muscles to help support your posture. Invest in a range of shoe styles with varying heel heights – ranging from flats to mid height – and keep mixing up your footwear to give your feet and body a break. Choose shoe styles that give your feet room and avoid pointed toe designs that force your feet into unnatural positions. Wearing high heels places tremendous force downwards onto the balls of your feet and can cause soft tissue pain and cramping – the higher the heel the greater the pressure, so try and wean yourself off those five inch favorites and opt for something lower risk.

smaller heels are a good option

smaller heels are a good option

Taking care of your posture in high heels is a tall order, but knowing the risks empowers you to make that judgment call. Would life in flatties really be so bad? With the extra height from improved posture, you may not even miss your heels after a while.


My Favourite Heels

There was a time when my wardrobe consisted of a dreary collection of flat heeled shoes. High heeled shoes, I would reason to myself, were for small, skinny women, the kind who could pull off wearing a tight top and short skirt without batting an eyelid. Sure, I’d forayed into the world of heels as a shy, awkward teenager, strapping a pair of clumpy platform sandals onto my feet in an unsuccessful attempt to get into a nightclub underage. Being tall, I’d never really felt confident enough to pull it off.

I had all the flatties you could ask for. Ballet pumps scuffed beyond recognition. Suede ankle boots worn so much my feet had left an imprint in them, rather like a dinosaur’s footprint. Pathetic excuses for going out shoes in the guise of golden gladiator sandals which I believed made me look like Helen of Troy (they actually made me look like Medusa). It really was rather distressing.


One night, at a wedding reception, I surveyed the room. There I was in yet another pair of flat sandals designed to hide my height, whilst all around me women glittered and shone in beautiful heels that elongated their legs, added a sexy sway to their walk and seemed to give them more confidence. Enough was enough. I decided to start wearing heels again, and get it right this time.

The very next day, I headed to the shops and was faced with a vast assortment of heels. Should I opt for the chunky Mary Janes? Or were the cork wedges more my kind of thing? Were boots the right kind of heeled shoes to be buying in early spring? Or were shoe boots more practical? In the end, I opted for a fail safe pair of court shoes which could work equally well at work or play. Stepping out of the shop, I breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of having finally embraced one of my old hang-ups.


Certainly, the court shoes served me well. On day one, I wore them to the office, and was surprised at how much more confident and organised I felt. Day two saw me taking them for a test drive for lunch with my friends, who all remarked how slim I looked (ha!). The real test came on day three, when I went on a first date with a man I had fancied for absolutely ages. Much to my surprise, instead of looking in the mirror with disdain, I actually liked how my little black dress looked with the court shoes. The date was successful and we have been together ever since.

Now I relish the thought of wearing high heels. They make my legs look longer, give me a sexy sway and generally compliment any outfit I am wearing. I’m particularly looking forward to choosing high heel shoes from this season’s new collection. So if you’re unsure about wearing high heels, why not give them a go? You might be pleasantly surprised.