Net and Tulle Skirts – Sex and the City Lives on

There have been many iconic, on-screen moments when it comes to fashion. On the big screen we’ve had Marilyn Monroe in Travilla white pleats. Scarlett O Hara knocking up a dress from a set of velvet drapes in Gone with the Wind, Annie Hall with her love of thrift shop men’s tailoring, and Judy Garland in Dorothy’s Ruby Red slippers.

On the small screen, there was the Rachel cut that launched a million copycats, the glitz and glamour of Dynasty complete with sequins and shoulder pads, and more recently, the peaked caps, sever haircuts and sharp tailoring of the Peaky Blinders – who are soon to have a fashion range in their own right according to newspaper reports.

But, in terms of iconography and everlasting appeal, the skirt that Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, wore in the opening credits of Sex and the City, takes some beating. There was Carrie, a late 30s/early 40something, standing in the middle of the street in some strange dreamlike sequence, wearing the sort of tulle ballerina skirt that, until then, had been the reserve of said ballerina’s – or five year olds who wanted to be a ballerina. Carrie’s skirt was a dreamy skirt that started my own fascination with tulle and net skirts, a fascination that all these years on, shows no sign of abating.

Both Carrie and SJP love Tulle


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This season is a good one for lovers of the tulle skirt. Boohoo has the most incredible, and affordable range, in both knee and midi lengths. These are skirts that scream romance and fun, their beauty is that they do all the talking, and look great with other trends from this season, namely body suits and Bardot tops.

I had my own Carrie moment on my recent birthday with a beautiful skirt from the current Boohoo collection. My skirt is the most incredible shade of yellow, but also comes in Carrie pink and pale blue too.

Are you planning a Carrie moment this Summer?



Boutique Tallulah Tulle Mesh Full Circle Midi Skirt £20 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Tallulah Tulle Mesh Full Circle Midi Skirt £20 Click to visit Boohoo


Boutique Aya Tulle Full Midi Skirt £15 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Aya Tulle Full Midi Skirt £15 Click to visit Boohoo

Madison Boutique Pleated Tulle Midi Skirt £18 Click to visit Boohoo

Madison Boutique Pleated Tulle Midi Skirt £18 Click to visit Boohoo


Madison Boutique Pleated Tulle Midi Skirt £18 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Marin Grid Tulle Full Midi Skirt £25 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Marin Grid Tulle Full Midi Skirt £25 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Marin Grid Tulle Full Midi Skirt £25 Click to visit Boohoo

Boutique Marin Grid Tulle Full Midi Skirt £25 Click to visit Boohoo


Everything You Need To Host a Movie Night

The one thing I love more than a night out is a night in. A real night in, with no social media, no work, no glancing at or Amazon, I mean a night in with food, drink, pamper treats and a great girlie movie. The last girls night in that I enjoyed was with my mom, we had Prosecco, Chinese food, heaps of chocolate, and a double bill of Legally Blonde and  Bridesmaids in the DVD player. But just what constitutes the perfect girls movie night in?

Enjoying a girls night in.

Enjoying a girls night in.

Step this way and I will tell you what I love to do to unwind with the girls.

1. Choose your perfect films. For a girls night in you need some classic chick flick movies, films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Grease, Dirty Dancing, The Devil Wears Prada, or anything with Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon. But for the ultimate girlie movie night, it will have to be Sex in the City – the first movie. It has it all, tears, laughter and shoes. Make it even more memorable by watching it on a super large screen 4k TV the nearest thing to Cinema in your own home.

Sex and the City

2. Choose your food. A great Chinese takeaway is my favourite, King Prawn Curry with fried rice is my meal of choice. But sometimes it is also lovely to raid the supermarket nibble aisles for peanuts, doritos, Percy Pigs, Pringles, literally any finger foods and nibbles that can be put in bowls and munched, continously throughout the evening.

3. Drinks. You are not leaving the house, you are not driving anywhere, so you can enjoy a stress free, guilt free drink. I love  sweet Vermouth, so long Martini’s with lots of ice would be my favourite choice now it is no longer Pimms season (my other fave). As the nights turn chillier, you could opt for a Bailey’s hot chocolate with lots of frothy cream.


4. Pamper. It’s movie night, you’ve got your pj’s on, so why not enjoy some pampering treats? Put on a deep cleansing mask like Kiehls Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask, and chill out while it does its job. You could also enjoy a manicure or pedicure, taking the opportunity to try out new products or techniques.

How would you spend your perfect movie night?

Homecoming Queen Style – Perfectly Pretty

One of the most long-lasting of all dress trends is for those that we call ‘Prom Dresses’. Every summer, at weddings, ladies days, regattas and other occasions that call for something a little bit special, we see a resurgence of those beautiful, full skirted, often strapless dresses that hark back to the last hurrah of Hollywood, the 1950s. Those were the days when screen goddesses like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Doris Day chose feminine styles that have set the trend for prom and homecoming dresses for decades to come.

But when we talk about prom dresses, we often mean homecoming dresses. Prom dresses were traditionally full length Princess style, whereas the shorter,  flirty styles made popular by both versions of Carrie Bradshaw, and celebrities like Kelly Brook and Taylor Swift, are more akin to homecoming styles.

American online dress specialists Dressfirst currently have an exquisite range of prom/homecoming style dresses.  And, rather than being a range just suitable for teenage girls, these are gowns that range from sweet to sophisticated in style, meaning that there are dresses to suit women of all ages and tastes. Colour choices range from the pastel and neutral shades, to vibrant primary colours as worn by Kelly Brook, whilst the skirts embrace pencil styles as well as the full skirted 1950s era version. And, realising that arms can be an area that lots of girls and women prefer to keep covered, there are some lovely short and longer sleeved dresses that address that common problem area.

A-Line/Princess Halter Knee-Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Ruffle (022003360) $105.99 click to visit DressFirst

Sheath One-Shoulder Knee-Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Ruffle (022010850) $130.99

A-Line/Princess V-neck Knee-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Homecoming Dress With Ruffle Sash $133.99

DressFirst actually tailor makes your dress to your measurements, truly making this a dress that will fit you like a glove, and with international shipping offered worldwide, this site is definitely worth a look when buying a ‘special’ dress, whether it be for your prom or homecoming, or for a special black tie event, wedding or even a night at the Opera.