Terry Di Haviland – The Rock & Roll Cobbler celebrates 50 years in shoe business.

The self-styled Rock & Roll Cobbler is celebrating 50 years in the business with a special pop-up exhibition in London’s Selfridges. Terry Di Haviland is a shoe genius, designing those iconic platform wedges worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole, so I popped along to Selfridges yesterday to look at some of those iconic designs.

I have been a fan of Terry ever since I saw a glossy and groomed Kate Moss wearing his wedges on one of her famous birthday celebrations. I fell instantly in love with the shoes, but not being able to afford the £300+ pricetag, I searched the High Street for something similar. I hit the jackpot with an amazing pair from Peacocks that were very similar. Unfortunately, I then proceeded to wear them to Stourport carnival, walking for hours on a muddy field, totally ruining my TdiH look, and breaking an ankle strap into the bargain! So now I make plans for a real pair, and trawl good charity shops just in case.

Of course, there have been many more iconic designs. There’s the Zap Pow! design from 2006. This was a hand painted mule with a Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art style print. The Bowie Boot from 2004 recreated a 1972  wedge and was decorated with images of  David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. The Black Widow spiky boot from 1997 looks like something Lady Gaga would kill to wear. This stilletoe platform was worn by famous Australian Drag Queen Gazzelda Pussy (loving that name!) All of these  shoes, and more are currently on display in Selfridges.

Bowie Boot

I’ll leave the last word to the great man himself. He has been quoted as saying ” Anyone with attitude can wear my shoes. They don’t have to be famous. Just look good in them…”  Go and check out 50 years of  his fabulous designs at the Shoe Galleries in Selfridges.

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