The Grinch Cafe Opens In The World’s Biggest Primark

It’s starting to look very Christmassy in the World’s biggest Primark, albeit with a rather green tinge to it. Last week, Birmingham’s flagship store opened The Grinch Cafe just in time for the countdown to Christmas, and it is already proving to be very popular with old and young customers alike. Dr Seuss’s famous anti – Christmas character has been a seasonal favourite for many years, and now Birmingham can enjoy a range of very sweet treats based on the famous Grinch, as well as Mary Lou and the Grinch Dog.

The Grinch Cafe is on the first floor, taking the place of the Primark cafe as a pop up for the Christmas season. You can find it easily by following the sea of green, as it is also celebrated with a Grinch pop up section within the shop, selling everything from Christmas decorations to a wide range of pyjamas and other gift ideas. As this is Primark, all the items are reasonably priced and would make great stocking fillers this year.

Service at the cafe is pretty quick, with a range of waffles that can only be described as very naughty, very rich and very sticky. There is the Merry Grinchmas waffle, that has ice cream and strawberry sauce as well as sugar sprinkles, candy floss and a candy cane, and the Cindy Lou Hoo waffle, which features meringue, chocolate sauce and raspberries. The waffles are priced at a very reasonable £6.50 which is certainly not breaking the bank.

I tried the Grinch Dog Latte which features pretzel antlers, salted caramel and lots of squirty cream, and tasted really lovely. The only downside for me is that everything is served on paper plates and in paper cups, which means you can take them away, but it does slightly spoil the experience.

The Grinch Cafe is open every day from now until Christmas, and is definitely worth a look, maybe as a half term treat.

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