Try a beauty box in 2017

I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with beauty subscription boxes. In the past I have subscribed to a couple, and have then ended the subscription when I felt that the quality of products was not for me. But recently I have started to subscribe again, and feel my opinion has changed. In this post I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why.

The Quality of the products

In general, you can expect to see some great quality, high end products in a beauty box. A great example of this is the current Look Fantastic Beauty Box. Inside that box you will find products from Jelly Pong Pong, Nuxe, Pixi and The Vintage Cosmetic Company. With subscriptions starting from £13 a month, this is an affordable way to get your beauty fix. (You can find lots of other voucher codes on the Look Fantastic Voucher Codes page).


Try before you buy

Many beauty boxes contain sample sizes of products, or tester sachets, as freebies. These are a great way to try a product before you buy the full size. Even a product that looks and sounds brilliant can often be wrong for you – for your skin or hair, so having the chance to test it first is always a positive.

The Value

Most beauty boxes cost far less than the sum of their products. This ensures you are getting a bargain, even if there is the odd product that you don’t like. Plus, you can always share anything you aren’t so keen on with friends and family, therefore sharing the love. The latest Look Fantastic box mentioned above is worth more than £60, and yet, as mentioned before, subscriptions start from just £13.


Find something new

Beauty boxes are a great way to discover a new brand or product, one you may not have tried, or even heard about before. One of my favourite products, Bliss Fabulous foaming facewash, was a product first discovered in a beauty box, as was Ole Henriksen eye gel that I now swear by.

Choose your own subscription

At one time subscriptions seemed to all be based over a year, but many companies now offer subscriptions that are over a much smaller period of time. This means you are not tied in long term, if it is not for you, you can opt out. The shorter subscriptions do have a slightly higher subscription charge, but still offer great value for money in terms of product.

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?

7 thoughts on “Try a beauty box in 2017

  1. I used to love beauty box subscriptions when I lived in the UK, great way to try out new products!

  2. oh really interesting post I’ve tried a few beauty boxes but hadn’t heard of this one. I really like the concept thanks for sharing. k x

  3. I’ve been thinking of signing up for a beauty box. Must be so nice to have a box of surprises turn up on your doorstep every month 🙂

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