Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Dare I say it, we’ve almost reached the end of a very challenging January, and with our thoughts now turning to the shortest month of the year, we are also starting to think about ‘LOVE’.

Yes Valentine’s Day is now a little over two weeks away and I’ve decided that this year I will only do one gift guide, and will add to it as and when I see gorgeous products from independent traders rather than just the big stores.

So I’m starting today, but this will be my pinned post, so keep popping back and looking to see what I have added to the list. With Covid 19 in mind, where I can add a product that is letterbox friendly, I will add it.

Say It With Champers

I’m really not sure what planet Cole Porter was on when he wrote ‘I get no kicks from Champagne’, because to me, whatever the question, Champagne or Prosecco is always a good answer. And when the bottle can also come especially personalised for that special person in your life, then it becomes a wonderfully decadent gift option.

This year Say It With Champers have created a beautiful Heart of Hearts mini Prosecco that comes complete with a lovely personalised label that can hold up to four lines of text, as well as a top label that is perfect for hosting the recipients name. Perfect for sharing on February 14th.

The Secret Garden Gift Box From Old Curiosity

The Secret Garden Gift Box from the Old Curiosity Distillery, Scotland  (2 x 20cl, 39% ABV, RRP £29.95) is a real delight. It is distilled with botanicals grown in the distillery’s Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The Apothecary Rose Gin offers a familiar Turkish Delight flavour whilst the Pink Elderflower and Jasmine satisfies a sweeter tooth – but sugar free.

The gins come beautifully bottled and boxed, with a whimsey style that has a Victorian feel, so perfect for the secret garden theme, and they taste divine, whether used with tonic or lemonade, or combined with other ingredients in order to create a cocktail – a Negroni or a gin fizz.

This is the perfect gift for any gin lover (puts hand in the hair very quickly!!!).

Handcrafted Vegan Earrings From Sharkie and Bear

Supporting a unique trader this Valentine’s Day seems more important than ever, and if this also means you can give something that is beautiful, handcrafted and made with real care, that is even better!

Sharkie and Bear is the home of simply stunning earrings that are both handcrafted, vegan, and light and delicate which makes them also kind to your ears too. This Valentine’s day they have a range of earrings that certainly answer the brief, from studs with hearts and flower motifs, to the statement multi coloured heart drops that I am wearing, which have been made in faux leather and backed with white glitter vinyl.

The earrings look so lovely on and can match with a range of colours. They are light to wear so wont make your ears ache like some dangly/drop earrings can, and the hooks are lead and nickel free.

They come perfectly boxed to go through a letter box if you need a socially distanced gift.

A Travel Bracelet From El Camino

At the moment we are unable to travel much further than our own front door, so a gift that allows you to remember and reminisce about freer times when we were able to explore could be the perfect gift for someone who had wanderlust.

El Camino Bracelets is a unisex travel bracelet company that allows you to collect the different places from around the world that you’ve travelled to and add them to your bracelet. Creating your travel story to be worn around your wrist. Not only can you create your travel story, but you can customise beads with special dates or locations, such as anniversaries or the location of where you first met. You can choose different sized bracelets, different colours, or one or two strands, making your bracelet absolutely personal to you.

The bracelets are gorgeous, and make a long lasting gift as you can add further ‘steps’ at any time, either other travels from the past, or new adventures you have enjoyed.

Sarah Livingstone Hanging Hearts

This year, more than ever, we are looking for gifts that we may have to send to a loved one by post, something small and delicate that shows our love.

Designer Sarah Livingstone has created a beautiful glass hanging pendant of hearts. The Hanging Hearts are beautiful, and,as these are handmade each one is unique and has been made with love and care. Each is carefully wrapped for sending through the post so they arrive in perfect condition, and they look really pretty once hung, creating an eye catching display.

You can get your Unique hearts by visiting

Hannah Turlington Designs Love Print

Another idea that can once again be sent easily through the post is a stunning Lino print by designer Hannah Turlington, with the perfect ‘Love’ theme.

‘Love’ has been inspired by the sweets Love Hearts when illustrating the design for her print. Hannah goes through a multi staged process to make the print; collecting inspiration, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing before sending through your door.  

This A4 size print is super pretty, easy to frame, and has its heart on its sleeve with its romantic message. It is ideal for a loved one who enjoys something unique and original rather than a mass produced card, and will look lovely in any home. Something to really treasure.



Going On Vacation With Kids: 4 Top Tips

Going on vacation can be stressful at the best of times. However, when you have small children in tow, this can prove to be even more of a challenge due to having their own needs and requirements. When you were traveling as a singleton or even a couple, being able to please yourself with the activities you’d like to do and creating a schedule that suits you may have been your ideal, but now you have to consider little ones who are much less patient and enjoy different activities to what you may consider fun – but this is all part and parcel of a family vacation.

If you’re apprehensive about going on vacation with your kids in the near future, this guide will allow you to get to grips about what to expect and how to deal with the challenges that come your way.

Book your car parking space in advance

As you may well know, children can get agitated very quickly. Therefore, being as organized as possible before you travel will cut out a lot of unnecessary frustration and restlessness on your trip – and especially long journeys. One of the aspects you should consider is booking a LGA airport parking space in the weeks before your vacation to limit stress and wasting time. Sitting in a parking lot for hours on end waiting for a space is not only challenging with restless children but may also leave you short of time in getting to the check-in desk for your allocated slot.

Make sleep a priority

Although you may wish to see and do as much as you can on your trip, it would be in your best interests to make sleep and rest a priority when you have small kids. By getting the sleep they need, they’ll be much better behaved and less inclined to lose energy and start getting grumpy as the day unfolds. If possible, also try and schedule in some short breaks to recharge their batteries before continuing with your schedule. 

Keep it kid-friendly

While you may be keen to go to museums and visit all the sights in a destination, your children are likely to get bored very quickly. You have to make one of two choices – to wait until the child is a bit older or spend half a day doing the cultural aspects to ensure you don’t end up dealing with a temper tantrum. 

Speak to your children before the trip

Going to an entirely new destination can be a daunting experience – even for adults. Therefore, it would be wise to sit down with your children weeks prior to the trip and have a conversation about what they should expect. They’ll likely have queries based on the information you share, so answer them as calmly and clearly as possible to make the situation seem normal. If they seem a little apprehensive, re-assure them that there is nothing to be worried about.


A Gold Moon Necklace From Jewel Editions

Even though we may be buying less when it comes to clothing and fashion, this means that we can now treat ourselves to some pretty pieces of jewellery. Even if we are living in our pjs and tracksuit bottoms, there is no reason not to add a lovely necklace, or a cute pair of earrings to our look. And, with Valentine’s Day now around the corner, a jewelled memento of love in the time of lockdown may be the perfect present.

Jewel Editions have a range of beautiful, very delicate necklaces that add a real touch of class to any outfit, but are not so ostentatious and flashy that they couldn’t be worn every day. The range consists of initial necklaces, geometric shapes and celestial charms and are made in 925 sterling silver that has been plated in yellow or rose gold. Each necklace comes in a gift box that is a perfect size to be given as a letter box gift for someone who is social distancing.

I love the elegant crescent moon necklace, which comes in the traditional yellow gold style. It comes on an adjustable 16 – 18 inch chain, and the moon pendent is 22mm in size. The chain is a fine gold one, and the size, which sits just on the neck, makes it ideal if you like the idea of layering your necklaces and chains.

Jewel Editions describe the necklace as:-

Representing changing seasons, the ebb and flow of the tide and a symbol of life in many faiths, the delicate gold crescent moon necklace is a shimmering yet subtle classic. 

This would be a lovely gift for anyone who loves the celestial symbols of sun, moon and stars, and, as it is elegant and delicate, it could be great for someone who likes their jewellery look to be subtle, or maybe can’t wear large jewellery items at work.