A Cosy Jumper From Femme Luxe

I should start this post with a disclaimer – I don’t really like Winter. Sure, I like Christmas and all that comes with it. But the long nights, short days, cold weather, the need to put the central heating on, not being able to wear flip flops…my list of reasons why I don’t like Winter just goes on and on. The one thing I do like though, is that our seasons do allow us to really mix up our wardrobes, and that we can be warm and cosy through our use of layering and adding chunky knits. (Still missing my flip flops though…)

Femme Luxe is just brilliant when it comes to making Winter dressing fun and glamorous. They totally understand that just because the weather is frightful, or wardrobes should still be delightful, and should definitely make us feel good wearing them. We know that our sleeves should be long, and that we may need to add layers as the temperatures start to drop, but does that mean we have to scrimp on style? Not a bit of it.

I’ve been wearing the pink and cream High Neck Chunky Knit Striped Long Sleeve Oversized Jumper from Femme Luxe a lot this Autumn. It is frankly everything I want in a jumper – a generous fit, a cute design and it has a high neck, meaning it looks great under a coat and jacket and you don’t need to add a scarf (although of course you can if you want too.) 


First lets talk about the fit. It is an oversized design, and I am only wearing a size small as I don’t like to add too much bulk to my already curvy frame. This means that on me it is a more fitted design that I love, particularly as I am wearing it with coated skinnies. If you want a more casual, loose style, then choose a medium or large fit. If you are small, but opted for a larger option, you could even wear this as a sweater dress, Edie Sedgwick style.

The jumper style is chunky, so this is a really warm item to have in your wardrobe. It is easy to wear has it has a lot of stretch in the knit, and the addition of cute stripes make it a timeless fashion piece with nodding reference to Beatnik style of the 50’s and 60’s. The stripes give it a lovely casual look, bit if this was worn belted over black dresses or white dresses, and then teamed with heels, you could get a very different look.

How did I style it?

The beauty of this jumper is that you could style it in so many ways. I wore mine with a pair of wine coloured coated skinnies, which I think were a good match to the raspberry shade of pink in the stripe. I added a cowboy style boot and a black leather cross body bag, and think this worked well as an outfit I wore for shopping. I have also changed the boots for trainers, and added a Crombie style overcoat on a cooler day and this worked too, possibly due to sizing down in the jumper so my layers weren’t too thick.

This jumper would also look great with classic black jeans, or even a cream jean to pick up the cream colour in the stripes. Cords would also be great, especially with a kick flare and a heeled boot to give a 1970’s style feel to the look. A final idea could be too add a leather look legging like I wore in this look here, as the oversized jumper also has some length to it, so it would easily cover the bottom area.

This jumper is great, one that you will definitely get lots of wear out of. It is pretty and practical, a perfect addition to your Winter wardrobe.


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