A girlie gossip with Lucy Kite

Lucy Kite is one of the most stylish ladies on TV at the moment. Whenever she is seen on television, from presenting weather on regional bulletins or on breakfast television’s Daybreak, she always looks totally impeccable and gorgeous, with an eye catching personal style that cleverly mixes high street style with designer pieces.

Lucy recently agreed to answer some questions for Fashion-Mommy readers, and here is the result. What follows is a girlie gossip about Louboutins, SJP and dressing for the weather…enjoy!

FM: You always look so stylish when you’re on TV – what sort of factors do you consider when choosing your ‘weather’ outfits?

LUCY: Thank you! There are several factors to consider when choosing my ‘weather’ outfits. For the studio because the weather map is quite busy it is important my outfit is fuss free, I don’t tend to wear frills or patterns it would just be too much and give the viewers a headache! I also have to be careful of colour, you don’t see this on tv but our studio backdrop is blue and then the weather map is cleverly projected on. So if I wore the same colour as the backdrop the weather map would be all over my dress. Actually maybe that would look good?!!
I have my signature style for the weather, very simple shift or wiggle dresses as I like to call them.
Generally I have to prepare 2 outfits for each day as I can often find myself in the middle of a muddy field in the pouring rain for our 6pm show. I always have skinny indigo jeans, jacket, raincoat and weather presenter essentials…wellies on standby!
FM:A little bird told me you’re a bit of a fan of Harvey Nichols – which are the labels/designers
that catch your eye?
LK: The little bird was correct, I love Harvey Nichols. I don’t buy an awful lot there for work because I need so many different clothes but for special occasions and also for my yoga wardrobe it’s great. I have lots of Juicy Couture for yoga and I love Michael Korrs and Victoria Beckham. I also love J Brand jeans and don’t tell anyone but Elle Macpherson undies!!
I am slightly obsessed with Louboutins too and have a few pairs from Harvey Nichols that i tend to save for a night out
FM:  Do you consider yourself to be a designer girl – or do you like a bit of High Street too?
LK: I wouldn’t say i’m a designer girl. I have a really mixture of high street and designer in my wardrobe. I think it is very small minded to say you would ‘only’ wear designer when there are so many amazing clothes on the high street. I buy an awful lot from Zara and Reiss and then mix it up with designer finds.
FM:  Have you ever worn something on TV that you now consider to be a faux pas?
LK: Umm there is a dress I wore once and my mum said it looked awful so I now can’t wear it! You have to trust your mum!
I also wore a devils outfit for the halloween forecast a few years ago which didn’t do me any favours!!!
FM:  You attend some glittering TV events – often in a presenting role, do you have a favourite
LK: I love wearing my evening dresses, my favourite is from a dress agency Derbyshire. It’s an unknown American designer and is my ultimate LBD. It’s leather on the top half, backless with a pencil skirt attached. I have managed to make it sound awful but honestly it is really nice!!
I also have a trusty Michael Korrs red dress. I LOVE red dresses as you may have noticed if you watch the weather!!
FM: Who are your style icons – past and present?
LK: I love Audrey Hepburn’s style. It is very classic and simple, very neat and elegant.
I admire Victoria Beckham, I think she is the best dressed celeb out there. I love her designs especially the below the knee shift dresses. I think she has done so well to go from Spice Girl to respected fashion designer, she clearly has a natural flair for fashion.
Ultimately my style icon is my mum. She is so super stylish and everyone always comments on how great she looks. She taught me so much about fashion and style such as keep it simple, don’t follow trends just wear what suits you. She also warned me never to wear shoes with ankle straps as they look common and make you legs look bigger than they are! I always remember that one! She doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothes but she has a way of making anything work.
FM:  You interviewed one of my style icons Sarah Jessica Parker, what was that like – were you a fan beforehand?
LK: I love SJP I felt like i knew her after watching Sex and the City for 10 years. I felt we were already friends. I had just split from my boyfriend at the time and was quite upset, we ended up talking about that, it really was like an episode of SATC!! I took her a dress as a gift which was so beautiful, it was created by Birmingham designer Jacob Kimmy and she was overwhelmed.
FM: Do you ever find yourself starstruck?
LK: No not really. Everyone is human, celebs don’t really bother me we are all doing a job at the end of the day. I was slightly over excited to interview Robbie Williams though, I lost my cool slightly on that one!
FM: You have quite a list of accomplishments – presenting, producing, both TV and radio – what has been your proudest achievement so far?
LK: Nothing specific I just feel proud and happy to be doing what I love. I wake up everyday and want to go to work, that’s enough for me.
FM:  I was really interested to see that you teach Yoga too – how did you go from practising Yoga
to teaching Yoga?
LK: It was just a natural progression, yoga keeps me on the straight and narrow and allows me to have some balance when life gets too hectic so I always practised. Teaching was the natural next step, I practise everyday anyway so I may as well teach! My philosophy is all about keeping it simple, people over mystify yoga they think they have to be a circus performer or sit in lotus for 2 hours and it’s far from that. I believe everything we do on the mat should help us in everyday life. If after my class you walk taller, sleep better or feel more confident that is enough and I have done my job well!
FM: With such a broad and varied career – what’s next for Lucy Kite?
LK: I would like to present more national weather and perhaps take my yoga to the next level by delivering online classes. Oh and I need to stop being single and find a man…know anyone?!!
With huge thanks to Lucy for a fabulous interview.
Lucy x


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