Dalia MacPhee brings beautiful and ethical gowns to the red carpet.

It is a real pity that Kate Middleton didn’t attend a real red carpet event during her recent tour of Canada, because there was the perfect designer waiting in the wings to produce a super showstopper dress. Vancouver born Dalia MacPhee has started to make quite a splash across the pond with her stunning collections of evening dresses that range from fabulously frothy cocktail styles to dramatic full length affairs.

There are just so many things to love about Dalia’s dresses. She uses a stunning spectrum of colours and fabrics to create dresses that hark back to the golden age of Hollywood, when movie stars really looked like movie stars. She produces dresses that come in sizes ranging from UK 4-24 (us 0-20), showing true understanding of how to dress a curvier body to its best advantage. One of her most famous customers is the fabulous Amber Riley from Glee, who consistently gets it right on the red carpet.

Amber Riley in Darlia McPhee

Other stars are wearing Dalia designs on the Red Carpet and in editorials. The Hills stars Audrina Partridge and Lo Bosworth have both been photographed wearing exquisite Dalia styles, Audrina for the cover of Enchant magazine. Alyssa Milano looked like a goddess in a red Dalia MacPhee gown, whilst Hillary Duff and Maiara Walsh from Desperate Housewives are also fans.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Dalia MacPhee is her commitment to making fashion that is ethically sound, as well as beautiful. The dresses are 99% vegan free, they contain no silk. For each Dalia MacPhee dress sold, a new tree is planted in Tahoe National¬† Park. It’s great that Dalia is making such a principled stand that shows you can be fashionable without it costing the Earth.

For more information. Visit the Dalia McPhee website


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