Five Minutes with Helen Boyle – a quick chat with a Fashionista.

Fashion-Mommy was lucky enough to meet Fashion stylist and TV presenter Helen Boyle at the ‘Newlife at Home’ launch. Helen is a true fashionista, with more than ten years experience in the fashion industry. Sha has worked as the resident fashion stylist on ITV’sThis Morning‘ and was more recently the fashion producer and co-presenter on Sky 1’s ‘Angela and friends‘. In addition to this, Helen was the fashion producer on one of my favourite programmes, Channel 4’sGok’s Fashion Fix‘. Fashion-Mommy was able to put a few questions to a true style heroine.

Fashion-Mommy: How did you get into fashion?

Helen Boyle: Through sheer hard work. I started of by making cups of tea and sandwiches to the big bosses, really starting off at the bottom. I moved into Fashion PR (For John Rocha and George at Asda) but felt I wanted to be more creative.’This Morning’ needed a new fashion assistant and I got that job and then carried on from this.

Fashion-Mommy: You have styled lots of famous women. Whose personal style do you admire?

Helen Boyle: I love Brigitte Bardot and the 1960’s era. This is definitely my era in terms of fashion because I think it suits my body shape. I love the Mary Quant/late sixties styles. I think fashion should suit both your body shape and your personality.

Fashion-Mommy: It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned body shape. What do you think of the plus size on the catwalk debate?

Helen Boyle: I love seeing plus size models on the catwalk, like Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier. My career has not been about just dressing tiny, stick thin models. I have dressed women of all ages and all sizes, from size 0 to size 34. I think women can relate a lot more to models who relate to them in terms of body shape. In some ways we are starting to pass through the celebrity obsessed culture and the new celebrities are real people – not just the stick thin. This is great, fashion is for everyone.

Fashion-Mommy: NEWLIFE is a fabulous charity. How did you get involved?

Helen Boyle:  Well I’ve just moved into the area and I had heard lots of people talking and discussing NEWLIFE. I think it’s such a great idea, you can support a good cause whilst grabbing a bargain. I think NEWLIFE is great and am happy to support it.

Fashion-Mommy: Newlife style is all about High Street names, what are your favourite High Street stores?

I love Zara, Cos, French Connection and H&M. I like these stores because you can find pieces which are fashionable, but you can also find classic, good quality pieces.  The High Street is great for fashion, but it’s worth spending more on Jewellery, bags and shoes. My jacket is a high street buy which is very similar to a Celine one that would cost thousands of pounds.

Fashion-Mommy would like to say thank you to Helen Boyle, who was totally friendly, approachable and looked fabulous.


TV's Helen Boyle with NEWLIFE CEO Sheila Brown at the Newlife at Home launch.






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