The Secret Into Designing The Perfect Website/ Blog

    Are you thinking of designing your own website? Maybe you want to create a blog for yourself where you can share your life experiences, hobbies, passions and more. If so, you have come to the right place as I am going to give you some and advice on the best ways of doing this through a step by step guide.

During the planning process, you must think carefully about two things:

How do you want it to look?

Before going ahead and designing your website/blog, it’s important to plan exactly how you want it to look. These things include the layout, the colour scheme, pictures/videos and the content. You should ensure it has a clear layout, subtle colours, a reasonable number of pictures and/or videos as well as engaging content. By having all of these things, your website/blog will appeal to a lot more people which will result in it being much more successful. It’s a good idea to create a mock-up version of the basic layout and what you want to include on each page of your blog/website. You can use tools such as Mockup Builder, Mocking Bird or even just Microsoft Word to create a rough version of your ideas.

press_vogue2.jpg (550×434)

What type of website/blog do you want it to be?

 You must think carefully about the message in which you want to give off to anyone who reads or visits your website or blog. For example, if you’re thinking of creating a beauty blog (, you should include helpful advice and tips about ways in which people can not only look great, but feel great too. The best approach is to ensure that you come across to people in the best way possible in order to get more traffic coming to your site.

Now that planning is covered, it’s time to move onto actually creating the website/blog.

1) Choose a blog/website platform (e.g. wordpress) (

2) Choose a domain name (www.) and host

3) Setup, design and tweak your blog/website

  There are a number of different websites that you can get inspiration and ideas from to help make yours be the best it can be. When looking at other websites or blogs, remember that they don’t necessarily have to be ones of the same topic or subject as the one you’re planning to create.

instyle_twilight_bd_weddingdress2.jpg (643×480)

   One website that you could get some inspiration from is Sun Bingo ( as it’s fun, full of eye-catching images, has lots of interesting content and many interactive games and activities. These are the type of things that make up a great website or blog and are all factors that will contribute to the success of any online site. Another great website that I would recommend that you check out is Vogue ( due to its intriguing layout, bold titles, eye-catching pictures and interesting content. Even though these examples may not be anything like the type of blog or website that you wish to design, they will definitely be helpful as they will give you some initial ideas and inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing for ideas and start putting together a plan of action for your very own website or blog.

A stunning Ness and Pepper silk scarf.

One of the greatest things about being a fashion blogger is the opportunity to discover new design talents who bring something different to the style world. A recent discovery of mine, and one which I have just fallen in love with, is the wonderful world of Ness and Pepper scarves. The range was launched this season and is the brainchild of Award Winning photographer Vanessa Warren.  The beautiful designs and prints on her Chinese silk scarves are inspired by her fashion photography, and her travels around the world. And they are truly awe-inspiring in their beauty.

Amazon Lilies £125 click to visit Ness and Pepper

The Ness and Pepper collection features Vanessa’s four statement pieces, Untitled Stars, Colombian Roses, Double Act and Amazon Lillies, which are all handmade using photos from her work. This has created a wonderfully  striking collection that is just full of vibrant colour and fantasy.

My favourite design is the Untitled Stars scarf, which draws inspiration from an abstract series entitled ‘Dream’,  this is a story of reflections on water in the midday sun, with swirls and colour meshing that is just breathtaking. For me, this calls to mind the best work of Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane, in a sort of celestial wonder. I was sent this scarf in order to review the product and found that I was wearing it everywhere, it is light and delicate enough to keep in the smallest handbag so you can add it to an outfit to change it from day to evening,  The other designs are Colombian Roses, Double Act, and Amazon Lilies inspired by the  piranha infested waters of the Amazon.

Double Act scarf £150 click to visit Ness and Pepper

These scarves are truly unique, and I love the fact that they are perfect for every occasion, whether it be worn over a simple vest top and skinny jeans for a cool daytime look, or draped over your favourite little black dress. I would also say these would be very functional for travelling – drape it over your shoulders for a walk along the seafront, tie a larger scarf around the waist as a sarong, take it on the plane for when the cool air conditioning kicks in.


Untitled Stars Scarf £150 click to visit Ness and Pepper



Vauxhall Fashion Scout Exhibition – Edward Finney

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is a veritable hotbed of new fashion talent, with the exhibition a great showcase for new design. I had a good look around yesterday and totally fell in love with the unique, unusual designs of Edward Finney. My first words on seeing his collection were ‘This is a man influenced by Alexander McQueen‘,  and I was fascinated to learn  that Edward Finney had worked with McQueen, and also with another fashion genius, John Galliano , with whom he worked as assistant designer for four years. After viewing his offbeat designs, I don’t think it will be that long before we mention Edward Finney in the same breath of McQueen and Galliano.

Using a host of ‘heritage’ plaids and checks, Finney has created a wonderful collection rich in character and design.  Using the American socialite turned Happy Valley Vixen Alice De Janze as inspiration, this is a collection that, like Alice, breaks all conventions and has a seriously wild side. From sophisticated shift dresses that turn out to be seriously cute playsuits, to the use of shoelaces for adornment, this is a collection that requires you to look and look again.


Finney’s collection re-creates the hedonism of the 1920s ex-pat community with ‘a modern blend a fusion of tribal strength and classical style.’ So you have classic dress styles with full skirts and Prince of Wales check bands that are subverted with ultra sexy and modern cutaway details. Or the traditional plaid fabric turned into a 1980s style puffball mini dress.

My absolute favourite piece is the totally fabulous dress that bleeds ink, a stunning, innovative piece which leaks ink slowly spattering  the snow-white skirts with black ink as the model walks and moves. This is a dress filled with drama that is totally breathtaking.

I love this collection, and think there are enough quirky, edgy beauties on the red carpet who could really do it justice. Jaime Winstone would look amazing in the red tartan, full length dress below, whilst I would love to see Emma Watson in the puffball style strapless dress, this would look fantastic against her elfin beauty.

A designer whose works combines a sense of the dramatic with the element of fun, Edward Finney is truly a name to remember.