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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an intense penchant for Sapphires. I think it may be linked to my style crush on Diana, Princess of Wales, who was the epitome of a fairytale princess, and wore an enormous sapphire engagement ring on her finger. My first proper ring was a gift from my grandparents. It was a small blue sapphire that I wore with love until my finger grew big and the the piece was consigned to my jewellery box. Recently I’ve started wearing it on a chain around my neck, and have been looking at some sapphire pendants that are available at


‘The Gemstone destination’, Angara owns a family history in gemstone cutting, polishing and design. Since 2005 it has been selling jewellery direct to the public, and is now available to the UK. One of the specialities of Angara is sapphires, with a current range of Mother’s Day Sapphire pendants available in different cuts, carat weights, quality of stones and settings.

Solitaire Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant £97.07 click to visit Angara

Solitaire Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant £97.07 click to visit Angara

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Shell Pendant from £103.59 click to visit Angara

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Shell Pendant from £103.59 click to visit Angara

Angara allows you to customise your pendant, according to your taste and budget and helps create a bespoke piece. In addition, you can divide the cost of your item by paying in installments,( maximum three installments available on most items).  You can enjoy buying with Angara as it lets you choose the metal for your chain pendant i.e. silver, white gold, yellow gold and even platinum.


Diamond Halo Pear Blue Sapphire Vintage Drop Pendant £813.72 click to visit Angara

With Prince William choosing to give Kate Middleton his mother’s sapphire ring, sapphires have earned immense love from young and modern women of today, especially in engagement stunners. Kate has been spotted wearing a beautiful, matching pair of earrings on many occasions, confirming to the timelessness of this royal blue stone.

However, if blue isn’t your colour choice, remember to own sapphires in girly shade of pink.  Pink sapphires look lovely in silver or white gold setting.


Solitaire Heart Pink Sapphire Bezel Set Pendant from £292.53 click to visit Angara

Solitaire Heart Pink Sapphire Bezel Set Pendant from £292.53 click to visit Angara

Do you love Sapphires? What is your favourite gemstone? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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14 thoughts on “Perfect Sapphire Jewellery at

    • I wear lots of costume and semi precious stones, but only ever wear gemstone rings. Thanks for commenting.

  1. You know that Princess Di ring was what I wanted for an engagement ring, but when I tried on something similar (but clearly cheaper), it didn’t suit me at all and I went for something much simpler.

    • Pink sapphires are just so pretty and unusual, I think they always catch the eye. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wow that pear shaped vintage drop pendant is beautiful. I might have to make a note of it and leave big hints for my birthday. My engagement ring his a sapphire in too. I love them, though I much prefer the blue to the pink.

    • I think sapphires are popular as they are such a classic stone. Thanks for commenting.

    • It is super pretty isn’t it, I’m thinking I’d love a pink heart this year for my 10th wedding anniversary…hint hint hubby!

  3. I love anything Sapphire. I love the deeper dark blue colors. My wedding ring actually has two sapphires around the diamond. This color combo is SO pretty. I wish I had Princess Diane’s ring, To bad Kate has it… and the Prince. I American Girl can dream… LOL

    • It sounds lovely. I still keep a that tiny sapphire ring safe, I would love to have it extended with some extra gold.

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