Reviewed – Clarks Ancient Myth in Mint Suede

As a huge fan of Clarks shoes for all the family I am always honoured when I am asked to review their shoes.It is one of the hardest choices to actually choose a pair when there are just so many stunning designs in the current collections, but as a lady who loves bright colour in my wardrobe at all times, on this occasion I found the choice just a little bit easier.

Ancient Myth green suede £44.99 click to visit Clarks

In the most glorious green shade, the Ancient Myth shoe has a real retro feel. The kitten heel and slightly pointed toe bring to mind shoes worn in the 1950s, whilst the punchy green shade and the perforated decoration are very swinging sixties. But it is the flexibility of this shoe that is the real surprise, You can stretch this shoe easily – this shoe stretches with your foot, so, after a few hours pounding the pavement when shopping, this shoe is STILL comfortable.

I am actually besotted with these shoes, they are pretty and yet practical too. I think they will be amazing in summer with bare legs, and I love the idea of wearing them with 50s style Capri pants. For now, I think they look great with opaques and a little black dress, and am also looking at colour clashing them with pinks and yellows.

If you feel that bright colours are not for you, the Ancient Myth design also comes in black, white and hot cerise pink shades.

Ancient Myth 

Ancient Myth Bone Leather £44.99 

Ancient Myth £44.99 

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5 thoughts on “Reviewed – Clarks Ancient Myth in Mint Suede

    • I would highly recommend them Em, super comfy which really surprised me, I usually pack flats in my bag and didn’t need them at all.

    • And mega comfortable, and although they doesn’t matter to Louboutin, it does to us mere mortals.

  1. Kind of like the white ones. Although the Essex girl jokes do come to mind, I am up fr a pair of white stilletos this year though.
    The mint ones are so refreshing, perfect for summer.

    • I think the white are super Essex girl or no Essex girl. Can’t wait to see which ones you choose.

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