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Reviewed – The Bramley Tote from Pink Lining

The second review in my ‘life begins at 40 week’ concerns a gorgeous bag from the ultimate ‘Yummy Mummy’ company Pink Lining. The Bramley Tote, in the navy bows colour option, is the bag that I will be using at the airport for my upcoming holiday – it is spacious, wipe clean and just so pretty.

Pink Lining is a company that puts the ‘yummy’ into ‘yummy mummy’, not least because it often uses cupcakes as a motif on its wide range of bags. The company produces a collection of bags that are perfect for moms on the go, and are particularly well known for the change bags that come complete with bottle holders, wet zip bags and small change mats. But Pink Lining is not just a company for mommies and babies, they also do some totally gorgeous bags that would be perfect for just about anyone. The Bramley Totes are a prime example of such bags.

Bramley Tote Navy Bows On Cream £60 click to visit Pink Lining
Bramley Tote Navy Bows On Cream £60 click to visit Pink Lining

The Bramley Tote is a fabulous bag, and could just be the perfect airport/holiday bag for quite a few reasons. It looks super pretty, with a nautical style navy bow design over a cream background, teamed beautifully with red and white handles. The fabric is very practical, 100% cotton canvas laminated with EVA coating. This means that the bag is easy to wipe clean if someone puts a sticky or dirty hand on it (yes Joe, that means you!).


The bottom of the bag has large silver studs which help it to stand up if placed on the floor or a table. The outside has a large, front pocket – perfect for storing tickets, passports or anything else you might need to find in a hurry. There is also a second, smaller pocket on the back of the bag which is really useful.  I would use it for loose change, Oyster Cards and chewing gum.

Studs to enable the bag to stand up.
Inside the bag you are treated to a stunning pink lining (what else!) that adds to the general air of prettiness that sums up this item. A third pocket, this time internal, is almost hidden and this makes it a great space to store tablets and other things we may keep in our handbags but do not want the kids to find. There is also a useful hook for attaching keys to – no more struggling on the doorstep to find your key, and also a pen holder – another thing I am constantly trying to find. The roominess of this bag means that you can then easily fit in your purse, umbrella, mobile phone, a book or Kindle,  copious amounts of toy cars, a bottle of water, quite literally the kitchen sink. This bag would easily hold a laptop if you wanted to completely re-purpose it. And with super strong canvas handles, there is no way you are going to be embarrassed when it breaks on you mid use.

I love the ‘pink lining’.
Strong handles
Attachment for keys

The final thing I love about this bag is that it has a zip fastening across the top. I often fall in love with bags, only to find they have no form of fastening. In these security conscious times, the full zip fastening on the top of the bag, and on all the pockets, is a reassuring and welcome feature.

Plenty of room inside the bag.

 To view the full range from Pink Lining click here.

With thanks to Olivia from Pink Lining for sending me the Bramley Tote for review.

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