Living the Good Life with Diabetes

Having diabetes means a lot of lifestyle changes have to happen. In fact, the entire situation can often seem overwhelming, especially when a person is first diagnosed. Fortunately, it becomes considerably easier to deal with as time goes on. I have been diabetic for almost 15 years, but recently I have been transferred from tablets to Insulin, and am now having to evaluate my food choices all over again. Below are some tips about diet and lifestyle choices that can help anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes live the fullest life possible.


Fruit is a healthy choice and one your body needs, but some types of fruit do contain a lot of natural sugar – fructose. You can and should still enjoy fruit, it’s health benefits far outweigh the bad, and a good way to indulge is by making your own juices and smoothies where you can use a smaller amount of fruit but still get the taste and flavour. It may be worth investing in a juicer from to help make life easier.

Dealing with fast food

One of the most difficult things to alter for most people is the way they eat. Fast food is notoriously unhealthy but if you are a diabetic and you have to eat it, choose lighter options such as salads as opposed to burgers or french fries. Take care to use the least amount of dressing possible, because this can turn an otherwise healthy option into something that is scarcely any better than the hamburger you just passed up.

Eating at other restaurants

Sometimes, eating at even the most upscale restaurant is no easier than eating somewhere that serves fast food. Typically, restaurants in general have a habit of serving unhealthy meal options and the portions are way too large. Again, choose a healthy option like a salad and baked fish or steamed vegetables. Ask them to hold the dressing. This is a much healthier option than many of the other things that are probably on the menu.

Eating at home

When you learn how to cook in order to help your diabetes instead of hinder it, your life will probably become much easier. If you are going to eat meat, choose healthier options such as fish or chicken without the skin on it and refrain from frying anything. Eat a lot of vegetables and make sure that you choose healthy options when it comes to the various ways that you choose to cook them.

Typical pitfalls

There are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to dealing with your diabetes. Eating a lot of sugary desserts or frying too many foods are never a good idea. Neither is consuming a lot of pasta. If you do these things and you don’t get a lot of physical activity, you are setting yourself up for disaster.


Foods that help

Believe it or not, there are some foods that can actually help improve your blood sugar levels as opposed to hurting them. These include foods like cinnamon and coffee. If you love coffee, go ahead and indulge but try to leave the sugar aside. You can even incorporate some cinnamon into a few healthy desserts so that you don’t feel like you are missing out on everything all the time.

Test your blood sugar

This should go without saying. Get in a routine of checking your blood sugar levels and test them often using diabetic test strips.



Physical activity

You need to get a lot of physical activity. You don’t have to prepare to run a marathon, but it is a good idea to walk, ride a bicycle or play some basketball with friends. Do what you have to do to get off the couch and start moving.

Creating the right lifestyle

Without a doubt, your life as a diabetic will require a certain period of adjustment. Focus on changing your diet and becoming more active but do not beat yourself up if you are not able to make the change completely at one time. This is a process and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sleep matters too

Not getting enough sleep can cause people to become diabetic, so it only stands to reason that you need to get plenty of sleep if you are already dealing with this problem.

Watch your weight

Sometimes it is a struggle to keep your weight under control when you are a diabetic. The sooner that you find a way to maintain a healthy weight, the better position you are putting yourself in to stay healthy.



4 Vaccines All Adults Should Have

If you thought you were too old to be vaccinated, you really need to think again. Most people think that immunization is only meant for kids due to their low immunity. This is far from the truth. Medical experts argue that the immunity of an adult takes a dive as age catches up with an individual. Vaccination should therefore not be taken lightly because ignorance can send you to the grave before the end of your lifespan.

Research has proved that there are more than 600,000 people who lose their lives due to illnesses that can be remedied through vaccination. Immunization gives you an edge when diseases strike because your body is already protected. Besides that, why should you treat a disease that can be prevented in the first place?. Below are the 4 major vaccinations that every adult should get.


  1. Flu

Flu is caused by a virus and that’s why it’s hard to treat it with common drugs. The best strategy of staying safe from this disease is to get immunized in advance. Vaccination actually narrows the chances of contracting Flu and even if you get it by any chance, it won’t last long. In fact, it will not affect you that much to an extent of not being able to carry on with your daily routine.

You should get the vaccination every year because the virus evolves to become resistant to a drug that has been used many times. Furthermore, the immunization is highly recommended for all adults, especially those that are above the age of 65.

  1. Tdap

Tdap vaccine protects you against three possible diseases namely tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (also known as whooping cough).These diseases are capable of killing you within a few days. There are actually millions of people that died from tetanus and diphtheria 4 decades ago because there were no vaccines.

Immunization has helped in reducing deaths caused by these diseases to 10%. The immunization is ideal for all people including expectant mothers because it helps in protecting the unborn baby. The vaccination is also administered to newborns within the first few weeks after arrival. You should also be vaccinated if you have a wound just to counter the potential attack.

  1. Hepatitis A and B

These deadly diseases are caused by viruses that mainly affect the lungs. It’s estimated that about 3000 people lose their lives due to these illnesses every year. The good thing is that a single shot will keep you safe for 25 years. Gay men and people who abuse drugs are highly vulnerable to hepatitis.

The vaccine is also ideal for business people that travel around the world. Regardless of whether you are going on holiday or work related reasons, you should get the shot before flying out. This is because the disease is contagious. In fact, the management personnel of most international airports are required by law to only allow visitors that have been vaccinated against these illnesses.

  1. HPV

The abbreviation stands for Human Papillomavirus disease. Just like the name suggests, the illness is caused by a virus. Research has found the virus to be the major trigger of cervical, vulvar, and vaginal cancers in ladies. And penile cancer in guys. Some cases of throat cancer, genital warts and anal cancer have been linked to HPV.

The vaccine is recommended for teenagers that are above 12 years. However, the vaccine is not suitable for expectant mothers. The vaccine is administered in three doses. You should have the second dose after the lapse of 2 months and then get the last shot in the sixth month from the date you had the first dose.

Celeb Trend Report – Vaping

It might be hard for young people living in our enlightened times to believe, but, once upon a time, smoking was the height of cool. The favourite film and music stars, from Clark Gable in the 1930s, to Mick Jagger in the 1960s, were often photographed with a cigarette in their hands, whilst popular films had iconic scenes were cigarettes were actually integral to the plot. Just think of that famous, romantic scene in Now Voyager, with Paul Henreid and Bette Davis, the iconic Audrey Hepburn with her cigarette in a holder in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, or a dazzling Rita Hayworth, photographed in a slinky black dress and a swirling of smoke in Gilda. Smoking was cool, desirable and all the beautiful people did it.




Today, however, we live in different times. If ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ was to be filmed again in 2017, there is every chance that the delectable Miss Holly Golightly would not be smoking, but would be vaping. As we become more and more aware of the dangers of smoking, as the habit becomes more and more socially unacceptable, and as it also becomes more and more expensive, it seems that even the most habitual and seasoned smokers are using vapes to both cut down, and to quit altogether. Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton and Katherine Heigl are just some of the female celebrities who have been photographed vaping, whilst Vape brand Vype are a prime example of the rise of vaping, working with Tinie Tempah’s fashion and music brand Disturbing London on a series of pop-up stores during London Fashion Week Men on 2017, as well as collaborating on a range of t-shirts.


Whilst the jury is still out on the health pros and cons of vaping, it cannot be denied that in terms of helping people to quit smoking, it is a very effective weapon. My husband was able to go from 30 cigarettes a day to completely quitting, using vaps as a go between – he has now not smoked for three years, something I would’ve said was impossible. Vaping is also much cheaper than buying cigarettes, and the smell is definitely much pleasanter that tobacco smoke.

It would be brilliant to think one day we could live in a world without the terrible weed, and it seems that vaping might just be a logical step towards this.