Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

For many, the bathroom is the one place in the home where you can shut out the family and get away from it all. It is a room where you should be able to relax, unwind, and soak in some sort of peaceful tranquility. When looking for new homes, many look to the bathroom as one of the key rooms, so if you are planning on selling your home, this is not a room to be neglected.

The good news is that a bathroom makeover can be affordable, with many places selling a complete white bathroom suite for under £250, leaving you with a good base to accessorize and stamp your style on. You will need to hire a plumber as this is not generally a job you want to be doing yourself, but luckily you can find good plumbing services on the internet and can soon be enjoying your new bathroom.

So where to look for inspiration? The movies of course. Film scenes that take place in bathrooms can be scary, sexy, or hilarious. Besides “lock the door while you’re in the shower” and “rose petals make a wonderful bath accessory” there are a few more things we can learn from films: décor tips. Whilst it is true that films have huge budgets to make every scene look the way they want, you can take away small features to make your bathroom look like it’s come straight out of a movie:

American Beauty

Photo: American Beauty (1999) screen grab

Photo: American Beauty (1999) screen grab

The Spa Bathroom

If there’s nothing you enjoy more than taking a long hot bath, you need to make your bathroom a soothing environment. Make small upgrades by investing in a rain shower head or adding lovely spotlighting. Large tiling and plush towels and robes will also give your bathroom a spa feel. Of course you can’t forget plants! Add some fresh flowers or make even a small tree to bring the calming properties of nature indoors.

Pretty Woman

Photo: Pretty Woman (1990) screengrab

Photo: Pretty Woman (1990) screengrab

Tub for Two

Pretty Woman started a lot of trends and in the bathroom, it was the two-person tub. If you want to relax in luxury with your better half, add a gorgeously creative freestanding bath like this modern-style Maderno tub.



White Chicks

Photo: White Chicks (2004) screen grab

Photo: White Chicks (2004) screen grab

Make it Vintage with Wallpaper

This scene in White Chicks is better remembered for the bathroom design than what happened in the bathroom (in case you don’t remember, let’s just say it’s similar to the food poisoning episode of Bridesmaids). What I loved about this bathroom was the cute wallpaper that gives the bathroom a vintage feel—helped by the gold frames, of course! Wallcoverings can add a number of different dimensions to your bathroom décor: stripes can make the room seem bigger while embossed wallpaper has a vintage feel.

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Elle Decor


Ditch the Shower Curtain

I’m sure that after this Psycho was released it inspired a lot of people to get rid of their shower curtains in the bathroom. Personally, I prefer to have a door – I don’t know about you but the curtain wrapping itself around me gives me the willies! Shower curtains can look messy so instead opt for a sleek shower door, or, if you really want to be able to see what’s happening, don’t have a shower enclosure at all!

Photo: Homebase, £240

Photo: Homebase



Eagerly awaited – Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

The publicity stills and on-set photographs have got people pretty excited about a film set for release in March. ‘Grace of Monaco’ is a film about Princess Grace, formally Grace Kelly, and is set during the early 1960s, a period when the Princess considered returning to Hollywood filming in Hitchcock’s Marnie. This was not a happy period in time for Princess Grace, and by focusing on this particular time, we get to see the not-so-happy ever after behind the fairytale wedding.

In the film Grace is played by a modern Hollywood goddess and style icon, Nicole Kidman. I’m a huge fan of Nicole for both her acting and sense of style, she is fabulous in ‘Moulin Rouge’,’ The Others’ and ‘To Die For’, but I’m not sure how she will play the role and whether she is right for it. Beautiful and glamorous, and tall and elegant, I can see why Nicole was chosen, but I’m still not convinced that Nicole will be anything other than herself doing an impression of Grace. The funny thing is, I would’ve preferred to see Naomi Watts in this role (rather than in the poor Diana film.).

All this said, I’m still looking forward to seeing the film, if only for the fabulous recreations of Grace’s Princess style. This is regal Grace we will be looking at, during her Marc Bohun at Dior period, and the evening dresses that have already been revealed are as spectacular as we would’ve hoped for.


Grace of Monaco 2 301012




Grace’s elegant style never fades in its influence. This season, you can channel the Grace look with pieces from Coast. Here are just a few of my faves from the current and new season ranges.

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The Benefits of Recycling Your Old Music and Films

Few people have been left unaffected by the recession. A massive credit crunch has only added to budgetary burdens. If you’ve whittled away extra expenses and are still finding yourself in a financial crisis, the internet could provide you with the extra cents you need to get through the month. It may even help you to chip away at a giant mound of debt. The Web’s move towards re-commerce has introduced some interesting new options for creative spendthrifts. The DVDs and CD’s you’ve listened to one too many times would probably be considered treasures by cinemaphiles and music fans who share your taste in films and music. Finding buyers has never been easier.

There are a number of strategic ways to hone your budget using recommerce profits. Planning where you funnel those funds will ensure that your approach is targeted at achieving long term goals. While you tailor your financial freedom, you may benefit from the cognitive benefits of resale as well.

 Debt Relief

When it comes to attacking large piles of debt, every little bit helps. The snowball strategy has won favor because of its impact on the emotional entanglements of debt by creating motivation. The principle amounts attached to each account are ordered so that small debts are paid off first. This doesn’t compare favorably with alternatives which focus on decreasing the long term interest rates paid on debt, but it is remarkably efficient for debtors who have fallen into a state of learned helplessness. The snowball approach gives you a sense of control that is poignantly motivating. While DVDs that are easy to find will fetch enough profit to pay a percentage of monthly debt, certain collectible items might prove more lucrative.

Clearing the Slate

Cognitive behavioral therapy works on the principle that altered actions can change thoughts and feelings. There is something potently liberating about throwing out the old to make room for the new. This effect can be achieved when you recycle your old music and films. A thorough spring clean that includes tossing out the CD’s and films of the past leaves your life primed for something new. Some people are fearful about throwing away items that are symbolic of a certain phase of their lives, yet confronting that fear has a powerful impact on your willingness to move forward. This self-improvement process may be motivated by its therapeutic impacts, but its financial payoffs are not to be sniffed at.

 In With the New

 The most obvious benefit earned from recycling music and films is the fact that it funds new collections. Easily accessible DVDs and CD’s gather small profits, but some anime, rare nouveau releases and other scarce film classics can bring in a significant amount of income. There is even a market for second hand videos. The music industry has converted to digital format, which makes some collectible albums valuable. Obvious return generators include the better known music legends of the past, but niche markets create incredible demand for certain lesser known CD’s.



 Sid Andrews is a blog writer who specializes in online market trends. He keeps up to date on the collectible and financial benefits gained when you recycle your old music and films.