Style Icons 2012 – Two Kates – Moss and Upton


Kate Middleton hasn’t been the only Kate making fashion waves this year. Two model Kate’s have also made waves in the world of fashion, albeit of different varieties. Both Kate Moss and Kate Upton have proven that blondes still have more fun, and have both featured on Vogue front covers. But whereas Moss remains the cover girls all others aspire to be, Kate Upton has frankly divided opinions. Should the former Sports Illustrated Model be an editorial cover girl at all, least of all on the cover of Vogue. Isn’t the gorgeous blonde more cheesecake than High fashion? The debates have raged.

Personally. I loved seeing Kate Upton on the Vogue cover. Her soft curves and pretty features made a nice change from the more angular models that Haute fashion loves, and she seems to look back to the goddesses of Monroe, Mansfield and Mamie Van Doran. And the girl can dress – she uses those curves to their very best advantage and looks utterly glamorous at every event, using red as a badge of honour. When she attempted a more pared back look at the Met Ball, with slicked hair and red lips, I actually missed the tumbling curls and softer make up.

Kate  Upton is definitely one to watch in 2013, she’s bringing sexy back. A sort of blonde Christina Hendricks for the fashion set. Hallelujah to that.


Kate Moss on the other hand, just improves with age. This is a woman who never ceases to be trendsetting and relevant, meaning it was no surprise when Grazia named her the best dressed woman of 2012. She still sticks to her wardrobe mainstays – lots of classic black, ballerina pumps, skinny jeans and fur and leather jackets, a sort of rock chick style accentuated by husband Jamie Hince on her arm. It still works and means she remains timelessly stylish. An icon for this, and every other year.

Yet Another Kate Moss revival

You can never write her off, every time it goes a little bit quite on the Kate Moss front, she comes storming back in spectacular fashion. Now is one of those times. My favourite Supermodel of all time is quite frankly everywhere at the moment, and looking better than ever. From actually doing an interview with Grazia magazine (where she did make a bit of a stupid comment about dressing like a wife. A wife is what you are – i.e. Married, not how you dress), to fabulous ad campaigns for Salvatore Ferragamo where she looks just stunning, 2012 is turning  out to be another summer of Kate.

I just adore the campaign shots for the Salvatore Ferragamo ad campaign, which have the feel of a European movie starring a strong actress like Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Huppert. High in glamour and elegance, these shots show that Kate is just improving with age, and does sophistication better than the younger models on the scene.


In terms of style, Kate still has it as the woman whose wardrobe we would all like to raid. From a beautiful McQueen dress that she wore to the wedding of Jade Jagger, to the amazing kaftans she wore off duty in The South of France, Kate still has the innate ability to put an outfit together that will be copied everywhere. This is why she has made a return to Grazia magazine’s Summer best dressed list this year.

And of course, there’s that George Michael video. When the singer decided to make his long awaited comeback, following a dark period when he almost died from pneumonia, which supermodel did he ask to be in the video? Kate of course, who else?

And then there have been rafts of magazine covers. No one has appeared more times on the cover of UK Vogue, and she continues to pose for dsome extraordinary covers, for magazines all over the world. I adore the cover of Korean W, taken by Mert and Marcus.

If the rumours are true, Kate will crown a fabulous summer by appearing in the Olympic closing ceremony on a catwalk with her friend Naomi Campbell, featuring as one of the icons of London. I think this would be fitting for someone who epitomises London style.


When Fashion-Mommy met Stella McCartney

Last week I had the most amazing email pop into the inbox. ‘Would I like to take part in a special question and answer session with Stella McCartney and the Vogue editor Alexander Schulman. This was taking place at Selfridges, London, as part of the Stella McCartney takeover to commemorate the launch of Stella’s new perfume, L.I.L.Y.

So last Wednesday I took my seat in the fabulous Ultra lounge with a glass of champagne to listen to Stella musing all about fashion,  her wonderful career, and also a little bit about family life. Here are some selected highlights.

On her starting points for her collections

I take my last collection as my starting point for the next one. There is a lot less vintage now. I did love vintage clothes and wanted to rework them, but now feel I’ve got this out of my system!

On inspiration

This season there seems to be a show every week! Some seasons become inspired by a journey, watching a film, a colour in nature. Abstract things inspire. Lots of emphasis on colour.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Hawaiian print dress £570.00 


On using herself as a template for designs

It is a great thing, to be able to wear the designs on a daily basis as you get to look at things properly – i.e these sleeves need tightening etc. But I am also interested in the psychological side of being a female – why do women feel they can’t wear certain things,when they most certainly can.

On wardrobe needs

All women need a great t-shirt, preferably an old one. I try to introduce one worn by my husband every season, but get told no. I think you need everything, great pair of jeans, a great shoe. And of course, great underwear. I always start an outfit with the underwear.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Degrade skinny ankle jeans £265 

STELLA MCCARTNEY Marguerite bodysuit £70 


On the High Street

On one side it’s flattering when the High Street copy your stuff. You think ‘that’s my t-shirt’ and it’s a great compliment. But it can also be frustrating and irritating, they can often get it into the shops before you can. But that’s life!

On Materials

I have a great fabric girl who sources for ready to wear. They have known from day one that I don’t use leather, so there is a challenge to find new fabrics to use.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Falabella medium chain tote £680 

On motivation

I am a motivated person because I really love my job. I’m motivated by my point of difference, that I won’t use leather and fur.

On idols

I would love to dress Jodie Foster. I love her, but think Armani has got that one all sewn up. I always wanted to dress Meryl Streep, and now she has started to wear my clothes. It’s amazing.

Meryl Streep wearing Stella McCartney

At this point the microphone got passed to me and I was able to ask a question. My question was about current London Fashion, and who currently impressed Stella. She replied;-

London Fashion is very strong at the moment, but I don’t feel I have much time to keep abreast of all the collections in-depth. But really I admire anyone who works in the fashion industry, the designers, the writers, the editors etc. I don’t think I’ve really answered that very well, have I?

With that the interview was over and Stella was able to mingle with the crowd. I managed to grab a few minutes with Stella and she told me how much she misses her children during time away,and rushes to get back to them. She was absolutely lovely, very down to earth and really friendly.