Engagement Cam – Capturing That Special Moment Forever

Once upon a time, the only way to share a moment was to try to tell someone about it, to carefully preserve all those special details in your mind in order to share it with loved ones, friends and later generations. But we now live in times when not only do we want to share with our nearest and dearest, but we also love to share the details of our lives on our social media, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And when those details happen to also be the most incredible moments of our lives, we want to share them even more.

Celebrities and every day folk alike share images of their weddings, their children and the events that make life so special. Birth announcements come with specially staged images (I’m thinking of you Beyonce), whilst gender reveal videos featuring balloons filled with coloured paper warm the heart. And now, a new technology, Engagement Cam, will help you share that special moment of ‘Will you marry me?’

Engagement Cam is a brilliant innovation, a tiny camera concealed in a wedding ring box, that captures the moment of proposal for posterity. It records the proposal and the instant reactions so that you can share these with your loved ones, and, maybe one day, your own children. And of course, you can also share the moment on your social media if you so wish.

The engagement cam’s hidden camera can record up to 15 minutes of footage at just the touch of a button – it is non intrusive and will not spoil the romance of the proposal, it will merely capture it. It has an inbuilt microphone to pick up the responses, and you do not have to worry about the battery running out – fully charged it will last for one hour.  You can then download the footage to your computer, either to view and save, or to share.

If you want to buy the camera, the current cost is £400, but you can rent the Engagement Cam for two weeks for £200. Two weeks will give you time to plan your proposal, and to choose a different day if something does come up to put it off for a day or two. There is an option to rent for longer if required, and the postage to return the camera and editing of your footage is free.

Your wedding proposal is one of the most glorious, romantic moments in your life, one that you want to preserve and cherish forever. Engagement Cam allows you to do just that, true romance in a small package.

Small Wedding Details That Make A Big Impact

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In the midst of organising all the major parts of your wedding day, many of the minor details can often get forgotten. However these small details can sometimes have a big impact, making your special day more memorable for your guests, as well as helping to make the day more enjoyable for yourself. Here are just a few details worth considering when planning your special day.

Get creative with your guest book

A guest book can remind you of everyone who came to your wedding and can be a nice keepsake to look back on afterwards. Of course, a guest book doesn’t have to be a book and there are lots of other ways in which you can get your guests to interact and leave messages. Instead of having a book, you could have a jar and some pieces of paper that people can scrawl messages on before placing them in the jar. You could also consider a fingerprint tree for guests to put their fingerprints on. You could even supply a polaroid camera and offer guests the chance to create a polaroid scrapbook!

Provide entertainment for kids

Many people consider the adults when organising a wedding, but don’t consider the kids. Offering some toys such as bubble blowers or water pistols could occupy them during the reception party. You could also consider hiring a kid’s entertainer to put on a show for the kids for part of the evening. On top of this, you could supply some sweets for the kids to snack on – you could even set up your own pick and mix table.

Personalise your wedding invitations

Wedding invitations could be a small detail worth considering too. Pure Invitation’s range of wedding invitations could provide a nice touch when reaching out to your guests. You may be able to personalise these with photographs or custom printed messages. Make sure to double-check everyone’s address before sending your invitations out and ensure that you’ve detailed all the necessary information regarding the time and location of the wedding.

Put some money behind the bar

Some of your guests may have travelled a long way to be there which could have involved already spending money on fuel or public transport. Putting some money behind the bar could be a nice gesture allowing your guests one or two free drinks. Alternatively, you could simply brew up a few pitchers of punch in advance or provide some free bottles of wine on the tables.

Cater to everyone’s dietary requirements

There may be some guests that have special dietary requirements. Some guests may not eat meat or dairy products, whilst others may have allergies to foods such as nuts. If you’re offering a buffet, you may simply be able to offer a range of foods for all preferences, allowing people to pick and choose the foods they can eat. If you’re providing a set menu, you may want to ask about preferences in advance so that you know exactly what to serve up each guest. If you’re using a catering company, they will likely have solutions to use instead if someone has an allergy or is a vegan.

Check what time sunset is

Catching the sunset on your wedding day could help to add to the romance of the occasion. By finding out in advance what time the sun sets, you can schedule to be outdoors there and then.

Have fun with lighting

Lighting is a wedding detail that often gets forgotten but it can be essential for helping to set the mood. There are lots of playful ways to use lighting and creating a magical feel. You could consider using fairy lights if you’re on a budget or you could try lighting some candles in Chinese lanterns. Meanwhile, hanging tradition Edison bulbs could help to create a rustic feel. Try using sites such as Festive Lights when ordering lighting for you wedding day.

Craft some wedding signs

Adding some signage could be helpful for your guests, helping to direct them around the venue. You could try ordering your own custom printed acrylic signage from sites such as The Native Bride. Alternatively, you could simply buy some chalk boards and create some handwritten signage to place around your wedding venue.

Add a memory wall

A memory wall could be a nice feature to add to the décor. This could contain a collage of photos of you and your partner, helping to celebrate your relationship on your special day. The photos could even be positioned in a way that tells a story of the two of you. You could also provide photos of the two of you with friends and family for your guests to relate to.

Supply flip flops for guests

For your female guests that are wearing heels, it could be worth supplying some flip flops. These could give your guests the option to switch into these flip flops when they’re feet get tired. You can provide these beneath each table or simply provide a communal basket to store them in.

Bring a change of clothes

Whilst you may plan to wear your dress for as long as possible, there may come a point in the night when you really want to change into something lighter. Bringing a change of clothes gives you the option to change out of your wedding dress if you need to.

Married life after the big day — what are the costs that lie ahead?

With a certain royal wedding taking place this Saturday there is currently a  lot of hype in about weddings, and all the planning and work that goes into making them perfect! But whilst Meghan and Harry won’t ever have to worry about their finances, for the rest of us  married life can be costly and need an awful lot of planning and budgeting! Angelic Diamonds, retailers of tension set engagement rings, have been taking a good look at the costs that you’ll face after the wedding day, from starting a family to moving to a bigger home, I am sharing some of their facts and figures in this post.

Starting a family

Having children can be the next step after marriage. But as well as the fact that you will never sleep in again,  starting your own family can be costly. Nappies, clothing, nursery furniture, toys, and a pram, the cost of a baby can total £3,120 in the first year of their life alone. If you then factor in food, bottles, wipes and the basic perishables that babies need, plus the fact that your own income can be reduced due to maternity leave, this can be a time when finances are stretched to the max.

How you feed your baby can result in different outgoings too. Add £165 to this yearly cost if you plan on breastfeeding, or a whopping £1,040 should you opt for bottle feeding.

If you decide to return to work, child care expenses will need to be considered. Statistics have shown that for a relatively well-off couple in the UK, the cost of childcare is the highest in the world. In Britain, the average cost of sending a child under two to part-time day nursery is £122.46 per week. For full-time care, this rises to £232.84. Even though parents of three year olds are entitled to 15 hours free per week, this is not enough for a parent working full time, and so costs are still incurred, and become more costly due to school holidays or child sickness.

As you can see, it can be costly, and this is before you add the cost of an average holiday (£3,133 for a family of four) and those Christmas presents, birthday presents, school trips, uniforms…need I go on?

Upsizing into a bigger home

Another problem that won’t face Meghan and Harry, but is certainly a consideration for the rest of us mere mortals is the need to move  into a bigger home particularly as your family grows.  According to Compare My Move, the estimated cost of moving to a new house in 2018 in the UK is £8,885. This cost is based on the average UK property price which is currently at £226, 071 and takes into considerations stamp duty at £2,021, estate agent expenses at £3,391. This overall cost also considers general moving costs, which can add up to £1,236.66.

And then there are the hidden costs. The Energy Performance Certificate can cost you between £60 and £120. Essential surveys of your new property which check everything from structure to boilers can cost from £400 to over £1,000 depending on the survey that you choose. And you frankly never know what else may crop up during the course of the sale.

Getting a new car

And what about if you want, or need, a new car?

Of course, it’s up to you how much you spend on a new car, but whether you buy brand new, or second hand, through a private sale or through a car dealership,  the fact remains that the running costs of an average family car in the UK costs £1,000 more than in the USA and Australia, £1,825 more than Japan and £2,000 more than in China. Owning a car is expensive business.

According to What Car? the top ten family used cars sit between £8,000 and £14,000. And, if you were to choose a top new car, you can expect a family-suitable vehicle to cost between £16,995 and £29,495.

If you’re unsure on how much to spend on a new car, MoneyUnder30 advise the following:

  • If you’re looking for a cheap car that gets you from A to B, you should budget around 10-15% of your annual income.
  • For a safer and reliable vehicle, budget between 20 and 25% of your annual income.
  • If you consider a car as a lifestyle item and not just as a form of transport, consider spending around 50% of your annual income on a car.

Cars, homes and families all make the stress and cost of the wedding seem like a drop in the ocean, but with clever budgeting and shopping around you should be able to handle things just fine!