The growing trend for two wedding dresses.

There seems to be a new trend amongst stylish brides for more than one white dress on their big day.It used to be traditional for brides to have that one super special dress for their wedding day, and to revel in wearing it all day long, unless they left early to go on honeymoon. But now brides seem to be making the most of the chance to really dress up and are investing in two, and even three dresses for their big day.

Kate Middleton swapped her lace and satin Amanda Burton creation for an ivory strapless McQueen gown with a lovely angora shrug cardigan over the top. This seemed more suitable to dance the night away than the magnificently regal wedding gown.

Lily Allen swapped her Delphine Manivet vintage style dress for a romantic medieval style gown designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld. This solved the riddle for those who believed Lily would wear a Chanel dress for her big day.

Charlotte Olympia designer Charlotte Dellal had a two-in-one dress by Giambattista Valli for her wedding, removing the huge ruffled skirt to reveal a cute mini dress for her evening reception.

I’m not sure what I think of this trend. On one hand,  it seems a pity that the truly special dress – the one you exchange your vows in, now gets worn for even less time. This is the dress of your dreams – I was personally really upset to take my wedding dress off, knowing there would be no excuse to ever put it on again, and would’ve been loath to have changed my dress.

On the other hand, if you have the world’s most amazing designers on speed dial, why limit yourself to just one  fabulous dress, when you could easily wear two or three dresses. This is  definitely your catwalk moment, so you need all eyes on you, and changing from one fabulous look to another will achieve this in spades.

What do you think – one dress or two? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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