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Over the last few seasons, Wallis has excelled itself when it comes to producing gorgeous collections of dresses, and, with Summer just around the corner, the latest collection is almost here. The lovely ladies from Wallis invited me to Wallis HQ last week to take a look, and I was absolutely smitten by so many of the styles I viewed. From beautiful maxi dresses, to 1960s style beaded shifts, to bright summer friendly colours, to muted neutral shades, Wallis has decided that there should be a dress for any woman and any occasion, and they have gone out and created one. I want them all!

As well as dresses, there were also some fabulous accessories on view to help to visualise the complete look. Favourites included coloured beaded flower necklaces, and a versatile pair of wooden sandals in metallic bronze – possibly the most perfect summer shoe I have ever seen.

Here are some of the things you can be looking forward to seeing in store, and online, over the coming weeks. Where possible, I have added a link.







Orange Zip Front Crepe Dress     Was £35.00     Now £28.00 click to visit Wallis

Orange Zip Front Crepe Dress
Was £35.00
Now £28.00
click to visit Wallis




Lime Green Cross Body Bag
Was £22.00
Now £17.60
Click to visit Wallis


Lemon Navette Collar
Was £16.50
Now £11.55
click to visit Wallis

To view all of the current Wallis dress collection, click here.

With thanks to Rachael and the girls from Wallis for the invitation.

4 thoughts on “Wallis Dress Event

  1. I would wear the blue water color short number in pic 3 and zebra print in pic 2 and ZERO necklaces but scarves to flow and capture my fancy. Thanks for the fun post. I am glad you had the braves/guts to skate board in your life. LOL . Not laugh at you at all. Laughing at the hope of it coming to be. ♥, Renae

  2. Loving all the dresses, my favourite is the top one with butterflies on, I think!! but then again, I would wear them all 🙂

  3. I have that necklace! But in lilac, and it’s from Sainsbury’s. I swear it’s exactly the same though, and I know that Asda and Sainsbury’s sell some of the exact same jewellery, they just package it differently, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Wallis did the same.

    Anyway, Wallis have always been reliable for dresses, and it looks like they haven’t waivered from this – I love the maxi coral dress and the zip front orange one. x

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