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Accessorize is always my place of choice when I want to give myself a little treat. A piece of jewellery, a clutch bag or pouch, a gorgeous scarf or something cute for my hair – I can always find something that fits the bill at Accessorize.

I took a trip to Birmingham last week and had a look around the Accessorize store in Grand Central and totally fell in love with so many things, not least the gorgeous new collaboration with WWF on a range of velvet clutch bags/toiletry pouches emblazoned with elephants and zebras. This range is absolutely beautiful, and is extended online with cushions and eye masks.

There are plenty of holiday pieces if you are venturing away this year, and these currently have some great discounts, so could be good to put up for next year (fingers crossed – I’m only venturing as far as Wales and Blackpool at the moment) if you are staying local. Some of the jewellery also has a summer theme, with gorgeous nautical striped bracelets and earrings real favourites of mine, along with lovely fruity themed earrings that are perfect to jazz up your jeans and t-shirt combos.

Accessorize stores are always riots of colour, and this season is no exception. I’m loving the mustard and orange shades that are used for everything from woven clutch bags, to tote bags that would be perfect for work, not forgetting the gorgeous sandals that are now on my shopping list. There are also the usual summer pastel shades of greens and pinks, but also more vibrant shades of navy and red (the retro styled red headband below is amazing and is another on my shopping list.)

Below are some of my favourite pieces that you can currently find in Accessorize stores, I would also recommend checking out their website as there are some pretty good sales online at the moment.

Clutch Bags

Summer Jewellery

Woven, Embroidery, Straw

More Key Picks

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