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My Mantra Launches at Fabulous

A gift of jewellery is always a special one, and when that gift is also personalised in some way, it makes it extra special because it then becomes something that is unique to you. It could be your name, or your initial, but this season, Fabulous is taking personalisation that little bit further with the launch of My Mantra, where you can have your own personal mantra engraved on one of their lovely mantra pendants. The Mantra range had been launched earlier this year as part of the Fabulous 10th birthday celebrations and is the first own brand jewellery collection from the group.


The idea behind the Mantra pendants is that your necklace captures your ‘everyday inspiration’ in the form of a sentence, saying or mantra. The words on the pendant should have true meaning to the wearer and inspire and exude positivity.  When you wear the jewellery it should serve as a reminder of positive thought, letting the powerful words heighten your mood and awareness. The whole idea is very ‘now’, as many people move towards more spiritual times with holistic lifestyles, yoga and well being, and a general hippie vibe that values the whole self.

My Mantra necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver and features a round disc pendant engraved with ‘strength from the inside out’. On the other side of the disc (which measures 1.5cm) is a beautiful engraved Lotus flower. You could wear this necklace facing either way and it would still look beautiful, especially as the disk is in such a pretty polished silver.  There are currently some mantra’s available online, I love the idea of ‘Laugh often and much’, but you can also create your own mantra on one of the new, engraveable, ‘My Mantra’ pendants (£80).





The Mantra necklaces come in beautiful packaging which just adds to their suitability as a really special gift. Displayed on a mantra card, and then placed into a special wallet, there would be no need to wrap this again to add it to a Christmas stocking, it is already perfect. And, as this is a pendant that could easily be worn every day, this is a piece of jewellery that truly earns its place in your jewellery box.




To find out more about the Mantra range, click here to visit the Fabulous Website.



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