Christian Louboutin lipsticks launch at Selfridges

First it was the shoes that made grown women drool like babies. Sleek, skyscraper heels with an unmistakable red sole. Next it was the nail polish, in that same shade of deep rouge, with packaging that just screamed glamour and decadence. Now Christian Louboutin has expanded his beauty line by adding lipstick to the range. The collection has 36 shades, and is now available at Selfridges.Christian-Louboutin-Lipstick02




The soon to be iconic Louboutin Lipstick collection comes in three types: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte, and Sheer Voile. The Silky Satin collection has 20 colour varieties, with nine types in Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile respectively. Once again, the packaging is super special and ornate, with each lipstick housed in a metal bullet case that has been inspired by Louboutin’s classic heels. The top resembles some sort of ancient crown, and with a hoop on the top and a sheer voile ribbon, this could be worn as a necklace around your neck if you wanted to show off a little bit of Louboutin.

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour     £60.00 click to visit Selfridges

Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour
£60.00 click to visit Selfridges

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Rouge Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour     £60.00 click to visit Selfridges

Rouge Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour
£60.00 click to visit Selfridges

There are three shades of Rouge Louboutin that are based on that heel shade of red. These lipsticks come in black casing with a silver crown lid. The other shades, each said to be inspired by different Louboutin heel, come in a soft gold case with a golden lid. Each are beautiful, coming beautifully packaged in a black gift box with deep red lining, making them a wonderful gift for…am I going to mention the ‘C’ word…yes I am ‘Christmas‘.

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Me Nude Silky Satin Lip Colour     £60.00 click to visit Selfridges

Me Nude Silky Satin Lip Colour
£60.00 click to visit Selfridges

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Pluminette Silky Satin Lip Colour     £60.00 click to visit Selfridges

Pluminette Silky Satin Lip Colour
£60.00 click to visit Selfridges

The lipsticks are not cheap, coming in at £60 each, but what an absolute treat. The lipsticks contain natural oils and seed butters, and promise moisturisation for up to four hours. You can view the complete range at Selfridges by clicking here. There are also a range of lip liners (or definers, as Louboutin prefers to call them), you can view them here.

Add them to your lust list now!


Christian Louboutin’s first ever nail colour hits Selfridges

Say the term iconic fashion designs, what springs to mind? Chanel’s Little black dress? Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress? Vivienne Westwood’s pirate boots maybe? Or Gianni Versace and a certain safety pin dress? There is every likelihood that all the aforementioned designs are fully deserving of the term iconic, but no list of iconic designs would be complete without Christian Louboutin’s red soled heels.


Christian Louboutin’s red-bottom colour is registered as Pantone 18-1663 TPX, and there is not a fashionista worth her salt who hasn’t paraded her feet in a pair of Christian’s now legendary heels. There are stories that say the original pair of heels were painted red with nail polish, so it is only fitting that Christian Louboutin’s latest product launch is a nail polish, in that oh so familiar red.

unnamedRouge Louboutin is the perfect colour match for those red soles, and is the first nail colour from Christian Louboutin. As you can imagine, it is no ordinary nail polish. It comes in a very special leather -look presentation box, and in a bottle has a pretty faceted design. And then we have to look at the cap. This is no ordinary top. It is the tallest cap that you will find on any bottle of nail polish, designed to be the same size as the highest heel that Louboutin has designed, Ballerina Ultima, which stands at 20.5cm. (8ins).

 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Nail colour £36 click to visit Selfridges

£36 click to visit Selfridges

The colour is fantastic of course, who doesn’t love a deep red nail, and the polish also promises a double patented formula which should deliver a  nail that shines with a highly glossy finish, but is also chip resistant, giving the nail perfect, glamorous coverage.

This is not the cheapest nail polish on the market currently, with the price tag coming in at £36 for 13ml. But it is something that would be a perfect gift for a Louboutin fan, a beauty fan, or just an all round lover of iconic fashion.

If you’re a fan of red nails, here are a whole page of even more red colours currently available at Selfridges. (Click here to view)

Can High Heels ever be comfortable as well as beautiful?

I feel as though I am currently living two different shoe lives.

My public life is spent constantly running around in high heels. Functions, nights out, weddings, funerals, meetings with the bank manager and more are all attended in heels – the higher, the better.

Favourite heels

But the private me, the mommy playing football in the garden, running in the park or trying to manoeuvre the trolley with the wonky wheels at the supermarket, spends her time in flat ballerina pumps.

They are so much more comfortable and I can do so much more when I’m wearing them. But, try as I might to convert myself to their merits, I still never feel as glamorous or elegant as when I’m wearing those tottering, uncomfortable, foot torturing heels. And I know I’m not alone in feeling like this.

Samantha Cameron walks a mileFor some reason, high heels give women confidence. I admit I never feel more confident and self assured as when I’m wearing something with a stiletto or platform that could quite frankly induce vertigo. And I know that this isn’t just me. Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw as fashion roadkill, falling off a pair of vertiginous heels in Sex and the City? Or Samantha Cameron  venturing on a sponsored walk wearing a pair of high heels.

Look how many women would put a pair of red soled Louboutins at the top of their Christmas list – a pair of cute Repetto flats just couldn’t compete. And going back to Carrie.  just imagine her Bradshaw without those Manolos, or Dita Von Teese in Birkenstocks.

But they are also objects of foot torture. Forget the Iron Maiden or the Ducking stool, five hours spent in my favourite New Look nude platforms and I would admit to frankly anything just for the opportunity to take them off. Corns, bunions and blisters are all by-products of those high heeled demons.

But Frenchman Raphael Young may just be the Patron Saint of heel wearers everywhere because he claims to have invented. . .COMFY HEELS.

If you think this sounds like an oxymoron, like a sensible space hopper, you may be forced to eat your words. Due to a flexible sole and special technology that helps prevent twisting and injury to the foot, Raphael has created a heel that he claims is the ‘…most comfortable high heel ever.’

They cost £344, which, although expensive, is probably what I spend on plasters and jellied insoles in a month. They also look good, coming in a range of colours and two different heel heights. The man is frankly my new hero!