The season when it’s all right to wear white.

Maybe it’s because it’s the season of the anticipated wedding in years? Maybe it’s because it looks fresh and gleaming after the doom and gloom of a particularly torrid winter? Or maybe it’s because it strikes a nice balance against the Gucci led colour clash phenomenon? But there seems to be an awful lot of white around this season.

Flicking through this months Vogue, it was inescapable, white was truly everywhere. From the antique style milkmaid frills at Dolce and Gabbana, to the delicate frills and ruffles at Valentino, from the cool minimalism of Calvin Klein and Celine to the glamorous Riviera chic of Hugo Boss. White is everywhere. Diane Kruger gleams in white in her ad campaign for Calvin Klein Beauty, Nicole Farhi models are almost as pale as the white outfits they are modelling. Guess shows that white can be frothy and fun too,with a Goldie Hawn-esque model wearing a crocheted bikini top in that ubiquitous colour. It seems that for this season at least, white is definitely right!

I always feel slightly ambiguous towards the colour white. When it is worn well, it can look amazing, with a clean,freshly scrubbed air, that screams freshness and innocence.  It is always a staple of your summer wardrobe,and yet is equally at home in winter,when you are drawn to images of snow queens. Worn with a tan, it is at its most flattering. When I got married in Rhodes, my whole wedding trousseau was filled with floaty white outfits,boho long skirts, cheesecloth shirts and broderie anglaise dresses. I look back at the photographs fondly,with golden hair and a deep tan, the white was a perfect choice. And yet…

It is the most impractical of colours. Now I have Baba, white is a definite no-no, becoming brown when coming within 3 miles of chocolate! Without the tan, it can leave you looking washed out, pale and drawn rather than pale and interesting. It always has connotations of weddings and brides, even when worn in suit form (Bianca Jagger anyone?), and white just doesn’t suit British weather,that flimsy material becoming transparent after a typical downpour. And does the innocence of the colour mean that it is also just a bit young?

Luckily, this season, our style icons are showing us just how to wear white. Kate Middleton showed that the classic look of teaming it with black is still a perfect way to wear white.She looked lovely in her white Alice Temperley dress in December,teaming it with a classic black blazer.

Victoria Beckham and Diane Kruger show that white is best when it is kept simple. Victoria Beckham had a white dress at the centre of her collection in her favoured tulip shape, whilst Diane Kruger often favours white as a colour of choice,usually be Calvin Klein.

Other stars rocking the white trend include Natalie Portman in Azarro at the SAG awards, Kirsten Dunst in Miu Miu, Lindsey Lohan, whilst trying to appear innocent for a courtroom appearance, Jennifer Lopez at The Golden Globes, Emily Blunt,Rihanna at the Grammys,Jennifer Lawrence in Chloe…the list is endless.


White on the High Street.


Monsoon Chile Dress




Oasis dress



Monsoon Claudia dress



Simply Be shoes



Yours tunic




Seafolly at Selfridges



Helmut Lang at Selfridges



Stella McCartney at Selfridges



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