Yoshi Bags – The Borden Scuba Leather Shopper Bag

When it comes to bags, my mantra is the bigger the better. I seem to be one of those people who transfer my whole life around with me, so I love a nice tote or shopper style bag to do this in. If I can add the element of a beautiful, bright colour to the mix, then I have the perfect bag that suits both my personality and my lifestyle. One of my main ports of call for this kind of bag is Yoshi Lichfield, a company which is local to me as it is based in Lichfield, and designs the most incredible and unusual range of leather bags and accessories.

Borden Scuba Leather Shopper Bag £70.00 GBP Click to visit Yoshi Bags

Borden Scuba Leather Shopper Bag £70.00 GBP Click to visit Yoshi Lichfield

I have been using Yoshi Bags for almost a year now (you can read a previous review here), and I have loved the style, quality and practicality of the designs. For Spring I wanted to get a design that could be versatile, something that could be worn with both jeans for the school run, and a dress for the weekend. I wanted a structured bag that wouldn’t sink or fall when I placed it on the floor, and I wanted it to be in leather so that ageing would only make it look even better. The bag I chose was the Borden Scuba Leather Shopper – classic in shape and design, but in a stunning colour that was sure to instantly catch the eye.





The Borden Scuba is quite a retro style bag, unlined, but with a contrast brown leather lining.  The bag is handmade, and has a small Yoshi logo on the back, and a Yoshi tag on the front. The handles are long enough to make this a tote style – they don’t extend or shorten but this isn’t a problem as I feel they are the correct length for holding this bag comfortably. The bag is also a tote style that has no zip or fastening, so it is easy access for you when you are looking for something quickly. If you have one eye on security, you could use the beautiful drawstring dustbag that the design comes in as an inner layer – it fits into the bag perfectly.





This is a beautifully made bag, with a lovely neat finish. It is a perfect go to bag, and the style could even make it a great holiday bag. One thing I would mention is that the blue is slightly different in the flesh – it is more of a teal shade than the stonewashed denim of the image above – I believe this is due to the leather, and I personally love the teal.




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  1. It’s a good size to haul about all the stuff us ladies seem to need on a daily basis. The lack of a zip / clasp to close it would worry me to be honest.

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