Emma Forbes Loves for BHS

Following on from last year’s success collaboration with Karen Brady, which tailored a collection of perfect work dresses, BHS are again teaming up with a well-known TV personality in order to showcase a range of beautiful dresses.

This time the lady in question is Emma Forbes, and the dresses are now as far removed from daytime wear as they could possibly be. The focus is on occasion wear – summer weddings, a day at the races, ladies day’s from Ascot to Wimbledon, graduation ceremonies, garden parties and any other summer occasion that I may have forgotten. Emma has teamed up with BHS to cherry pick from their wide range of dresses, and has come up with four key designs that should address every summer need.

The dresses are lovely, with designs that could suit a variety of body shapes (they come in sizes 8-22).  My favourite is the navy side wrap dress that I think is the perfect dress for curvier ladies, with draping and a wrap shape to accentuate those curves. The one shoulder floral print dress has a watered silk print that is the perfect dress for a summer wedding, whilst all after dark events are covered with the silver embellished cocktail dress. Finally the collection is completed with the Erdem – esque, Middlton style lace peplum dress, which has a flash of disco silver that makes this a great day to evening dress.

Silver Embellished Neck Satin Dress Price: £75.00 click to visit BHS

Blue One Shoulder Placement Print Dress Price: £70.00 click to visit BHS

Navy Grecian Dress Price: £50.00 click to visit BHS

Navy Lace Peplum Dress Price: £42.00 click to visit BHS

BHS have pledged £20,000 from the sale of the dresses to the charity, Wellbeing of Women, of which Emma is an ambassador.

The dresses are all available online now, and in selected stores.


Springtime – The perfect time for Home Improvements

As regular readers of the Fashion-Mommy blog know, my son Joe is now 4 years old. And after a couple of years when he seemed hellbent on wrecking every area of the house, he has now calmed down. No more drawing on the walls (well, not that often anyway), no more pouring lunch and dinner all over the floor, and finally, sleeping in his own bed. And that means I think the time has come to make a start on some of the home improvements we had been putting off until Joe was a little older. Starting with turning our master bedroom back into a boudoir and sanctuary.

The vintage style Barley Twist design

Now, the bedroom is a good place to start as it doesn’t require too much doing to it. When we moved into our home ten years ago, my late mother-in-law treated us to a suite of bedroom furniture in the pine Barley Twist design that is frankly looking even better as it ages. So many of the things the bedroom requires are cosmetic, a new duvet, a stylish mirror, and, most importantly, a Venetian blind.

Click to visit Web Blinds

I’ve always been a curtains sort of person, quite liking old-fashioned, chintzy designs, but recently two things have made me consider that a blind would be a better option. The first is that it is quite difficult to get curtains that fit the rather narrow, sash windows that we have in our Victorian terrace – they all seem to be either too wide, or not long enough. The second issue is that I’ve found it increasingly difficult to get to sleep at night, so a blackout option has become something that is more attractive. That is where the Venetian blinds are proving to be a perfect choice. Web-Blinds have an amazing range of Venetian blinds that you can tailor in colour and design to suit your room. What’s more, they are made to measure so I can ensure the perfect fit for my windows. What’s more, the Venetian blind will allow me to control the amount of light pouring into the room, hopefully helping me to get a good night’s sleep.

Love this bedroom blind

A large mirror is also something that adds to the luxurious feel I’m trying to establish. I currently have a wooden dressing table mirror, but as a fan of vintage styling, I would love to embrace real Art Deco style, This table mirror from Linea at House of Fraser is beautiful, and a real bargain find too.

Linea Table mirror £28 click to visit House of Fraser

The final step towards bedtime bliss is the bed itself…or at least the covers. My current duvet cover is beige, neutral and soothing, and just that little bit boring. So, the final touch to transform the bedroom would be this gorgeous, retro styled Suzie bedding set from BHS, which I think would look great against the pine furniture, add a touch of bright colour, but also stay true to the chintzy style I still love with a passion.

Susie Bed Set Was £35.00 Now from £28.00 click to visit BHS

So. just a few small purchases and I should finally have the bedroom of my dreams. Now, what to do about hubby’s snoring?


Packing a Man’s Overnight bag – The Lowdown

My husband has to go into hospital at the end of this week, hopefully for a very short (read overnight) stay. To say this is causing consternation would be the understatement of the year. So far he has asked me to check out our medical insurance, the cost of private healthcare, and case studies of medical negligence – all ‘just in case’ (his words, not mine).

And don’t even get me started on the overnight bag. You would think this would be simple – a few essentials, something to sleep in, job done. But no, this has become the cause of some fretting, what to pack, and what to leave out?  What exactly do you put in an overnight bag, whether it be for hospital, or just a normal overnight business trip?

In honour of this, I have put together a checklist of essentials for an overnight stay. Let me know if I’ve missed anything out.

1. Overnight bag

This Armani jeans overnight bag from Selfridges is amazing quality, and you just know that the fact that it is also wipe clean is going to help it look good for years. Extra side pockets are also a bonus, useful for things like keys and business cards.

ARMANI JEANS Weekend bag £210 click to visit Selfridges

 Something to sleep in.

Even if your other half usually sleep in the buff, the chances are, that away from home, some sort of nightwear is required. I think a safe option are pajamas’s that resemble lounge wear. These tend to be comfortable and more up-to-date than those buttoned up, ‘Only when I laugh’ pj’s once sported by Peter Bowles and friends.

Great Value Loungewear Set Price: £14.00 click to visit BHS


These days, there is no reason to pack the complete contents of the bathroom cabinet when going on an overnight journey. Most high-end bath and beauty brands stock travel kits which contain most the bathroom essentials. I love the Enlightened traveler Limited Edition kit from Bodhi which contains a wealth of gorgeous products in a wonderful overnight bag.

Enlightened Traveller Limited Edition Travel Set £40.00 click to visit Bodhi

Personal Grooming.

Men’s grooming kits are a fabulous idea for travel and overnight stays. They compromise all the shaving essentials, along with clippers and tweezers that help keep the general appearance immaculate. This one from Menkind is a snip at less than £25, making it a great gift idea too.

Men's Grooming Kit £14.99 click to visit Menkind

Something to read.

It’s always a good idea to have some reading material in your bag, for those moments when you have a spare 5 minutes to pass.  Andrew Marr is always a brilliant read, so I would recommend ‘A History of the World’ which is illuminating and fascinating in equal measures.

[Hardcover] £11.25 click to visit Amazon”]