Boohoo – My style icon

When I was asked if I would like to take part in the ‘My Style Icon’ challenge, I was instantly intrigued and interested. Regular readers of this blog know that celebrity style, and getting the celebrity look are areas that I am really interested in. But to actually trying to recreate an outfit myself, from a limited budget of just £30, this was something that I thought would be difficult. Who exactly would I choose as my style icon?

I had to think about this long and hard. I love the style of many varied women. The retro style of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Marianne Faithfull are all amongst my style faves. Today I would love to delve into the wardrobes of Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett. But, in the end, I decided to opt for a lady who, like me, is a mother and is also a similar age to me. A lady whose style I have loved since my grungy early 90s period. I’m talking about the one and only Gwen Stefani.

The Look I want to recreate.

df8d35dde63d419c0240244102d0155eI love this glamorous look from Gwen, a classic Studio 54 style jumpsuit, with long hair and Gwen’s trademark red lips. I thought this was a look I would be able to recreate using the Boohoo Plus size range, which has a great collection of catsuits. Although the look wouldn’t be identical, it would at least have the essense of Gwen’s look.

Boohoo Plus Plus Gabriella Drape Side Jumpsuit £20 click to visit Boohoo

Boohoo Plus
Plus Gabriella Drape Side Jumpsuit £20 click to visit Boohoo

The Plus Gabriella drape side jumpsuit is a rather daring pick for me, the back is low, the sides are low and the front is low. I must admit  will be wearing this with a cami underneath, but I do love it, the slinky, silky fabric is gorgeous, it doesn’t cling, and I feel all Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface in this (another style icon come to think of it.). I couldn’t see Gwen’s shoes, but I know she often opts for simple, but very high stilettos, so that is what I chose (from the clearance section for £8 – but now out of stock.)

My Gwen Look







You can view all the Boohoo plus size jumpsuits here.

Reviewed – Kiera PU midi skirt from Boohoo are having a rather busy Spring. As well as launching a very successful new collection with the uber gorgeous Nadia Aboulhosn (which you can read about here), the main Boohoo plus collection continues to grow in strength and style. It has everything, including skirts in mini, midi, maxi and skater lengths. My current favourite from the collection is the Kiera midi skirt in faux leather style. It is sassy, stylish and fun to wear. It can be worn so many different ways that it is an ultimate wardrobe no brainer. It is also something a long way from my comfort zone, but it was my first choice when it came to choosing something to review from the current collection. Why? One reason – Marianne Faithfull!

Keira PU Midi Skirt £16 click to visit Boohoo

Keira PU Midi Skirt £16 click to visit Boohoo

In my late teens I discovered Marianne Faithfull and her awesome 1960s rock chick style, and that was how I dressed for the next few years. A-line suede skirts, acres of scarves and bell bottom jeans and trousers, all these made their way into my wardrobe, courtesy of Birmingham’s rag market. And even though those years have flown by, one iconic photograph of Mick and Marianne still gives me style inspiration. imagesI totally love this image of a fluffy jumper teamed with a black skirt, and, although I know Marianne’s skirt is a skater style mini, I prefer to think it might be a leather pencil skirt. This was the look I was going for with my Boohoo skirt – a sort of an (aging) rock chick! The skirt is super easy to wear as it has an elasticated waistband – a simple pull on, pull off style. The length is midi, and, at the moment, I am wearing it with tights, but I do think this would look great with bare legs and a suntan. The fabric is great, it doesn’t feel too thin, and it has some stretch in it too. It is a bodycon fit, but I haven’t felt the need to add shapewear with this.


Primark fluffy jumper teamed with Boohoo skirt



The skirt gets a wearing at Disney on Ice…not quite so rock chick!

As well as wearing the skirt with the fluffy jumper, I also teamed it with a pink blouse (another charity shop find) and Mary Janes for a slightly more formal look. The fifties print clutch adds a little fun to the look. DSCN6675[1] DSCN6676[1] Boohoo never fails to give style inspiration at affordable prices, and the current collection is well worth a look. Here are a few more skirts that have caught my eye.

Georgina Leopard Print Midi Skirt £12 click to visit Boohoo

Georgina Leopard Print Midi Skirt £12

Marie Zip Front Midi Skirt £15 click to visit Boohoo

Marie Zip Front Midi Skirt £15

Ailsa Contrast Trim Scuba Midi Length Skater Skirt £15 click to visit Boohoo

Ailsa Contrast Trim Scuba Midi Length Skater Skirt £15

Polly Pinstripe Midi Skirt £8 Click to visit Boohoo

Polly Pinstripe Midi Skirt £8

Ivy Double Mesh Midi Skirt £20 click to visit Boohoo

Ivy Double Mesh Midi Skirt £20


Family Fever

Loving my Boohoo Louise Faux Fur Coat

I remember the days when I went out in the evening in a slinky dress and absolutely no coat. Whatever the weather, I would brave the cold thinking that a coat would spoil the general look of my outfit, and then I would freeze waiting for taxi’s in sub-zero temperatures. But there are ways to cover up in the evening, and still look glamorous and evening appropriate, and one of those ways is with a faux fur coat.

Louise Faux Fur Stripe Coat £45 click to visit Boohoo

Louise Faux Fur Stripe Coat £45 click to visit Boohoo

I was sent the gorgeous Louise Faux Fur stripe coat from Boohoo, and have been struggling to take it off – it is gorgeous, cuddly and oh so warm. I think fur coats are just so versatile as they look brilliant slung over jeans and a simple sweater, but are totally appropriate when the occasion is more glittering. A fur coat also seems to be age-appropriate for any, and every woman. My mom swears by them, I remember my nan looking glamorous and decadent in one when I was just a child, while two of my blogger friends have been rocking them this season (you look so glam Sunni and Sarah.). And, as I’ve already said, since I was sent this coat from Boohoo, I’ve not really taken it off…









I love it! Choosing black means it can be teamed with pretty much any other colour, whilst the stripe design gives it a very luxurious feel. The coat is lined, and doesn’t shed any fur, and it just feels oh so soft. Another plus point is that it isn’t heavy – some fur coats can make you feel like you are wearing 10 blankets and that can lead to you feeling hot, rather than warm.

This coat is part of the Boohoo plus size collection, and is currently only available in sizes 20 and 22, but Boohoo does have a rather large collection of faux fur pieces which you can view here.

*With thanks to Natalie Job and the team at 7 Things Media for gifting the coat.