Fashion Focus – Rain Boots

Wellington boots, wellies, rain boots, whatever it is you choose to call them, we are certainly now well into the season when these become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. This could be because you love to walk your dog over open fields and park land, or maybe you work in an outside environment that gets rather muddy, or maybe, like me, these are now a staple for watching your child football training in all weathers, including, last Saturday, in the biting wind and rain. I must admit that I love the fun and practicality of wearing my wellies, and have quite a few pairs in my wardrobe.

My Wellies

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There are so many great styles and brands when you are looking for women’s rain boots, the rather functional or childlike designs of the past, which either looked like they were designed for farmers, or for splashing in puddles, have given way to glossy designs, with cute patterns and prints, and more stylish, feminine shapes. Brands like Hunter have made wellies cool, a part of festival fashion that helps revelers to cope with the inclement British weather (and all that mud!). Joules is another company that makes rain boots actually look pretty, with dots and stripes that work well worn over jeans, or even Land Girls style with a tea dress and cardigan.

Joules Rain boots

Joules Rain boots

Hunter Rain boots

Hunter Rain boots

Even designers are now getting into the act, with both Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren offering super stylish versions of the once humble rain boot. None of us are ever that glad to see the rain, but these designs certainly help to brighten up the day in some small part.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


Tommy Hilfiger are currently offering you the chance to choose the best rain boots brand but picking between Hunter and Joules. It is easy to enter the competition, and you could win a pair of rain boots of your choice. (Terms and conditions apply – please check the website). This would certainly get your feet prepared for Winter and any snow we might get.

Do you wear wellies or rainboots? What are your favourite brand?

Style Classic – Hunter Wellies

There are some things in your wardrobe that can be classified as ‘style classics’. The crisp white shirt, a beige trenchcoat, the little black dress, you can probably name a few others. And when it comes to Wellington boots, only one brand really deserves to be labelled as classic, and that has got to be Hunter.

I’m not sure why Hunter Wellies have this cachet rather than other brands. British made and sturdy, these boots are the epitome of cool, being loved by everyone, from the festival going crowds wading through the mud at Glastonbury, to the country set who wear them on long, rambling walks through the English Countryside, accessorising with Barbour jackets and headscarves. My favourite way of styling Hunter’s has long been the sort of Land Girl/The Edge of Love style with chintzy dresses and chunky cardigans worn with the wellies. Think Kiera Knightley, Sienna Miller and Anna Friel, all channeling Debo, Duchess of Devonshire.

imgThe Edge of Love4

I totally love this look.


Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller in ‘The Edge of Love’


Anna Friel and Rachel Weisz in The Land Girls

Earlier this year I was approached by Cloggs to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their shoe products. Cloggs is a one stop shop for shoes and boots, with many premium brands available including Joules, Clarks, Converse and Barbour. But I was drawn to the great variety of Hunter boots, coming in a range of colours and lengths.

Hunter Wellies - Original Short - Red £69.99 click to visit Cloggs

Hunter Wellies – Original Short – Red £69.99 click to visit Cloggs

I opted for the original short boot in red. There was a clear, and rather embaressing reason for opting for the shorter boot. I have rather thick calves and had once managed to get myself stuck in a pretty pair of pink tall Hunters in a shoe shop in Taunton. I actually thought I was going to have to buy them, until my husband managed to pull really hard and released my leg. Cue utter red faces all around and a rather sheepish exit from the shop. I hoped that by choosing the shorter option I could avoid the boots being too tight, or getting stuck.



Dress Pearl Lowe Peacocks (similar here)
Boots Cloggs

DSCN6665[1]Thankfully, these boots are a great fit, they are neither tight around the calves, nor too loose around the foot. I always find cheap wellies to be loose fitting on the feet, and this in turn makes them uncomfortable, and too cold and draughty to wear for any length of time. The Hunter boots fit snuggly and this makes them feel like they are both protecting and comforting the foot. They are heavier than the wellies I normally wear, but because they have a cushioned insole, they are so much more comfortable, and hence, easier to wear.  I went for a size 5, although I normally like a 5.5, but the 5 is the right size, anything bigger would be too big.

DSCN6668[1] DSCN6670[1]I decided to wear my wellies ‘Edge of Love’ style with a Pearl Lowe tea dress that I have had for a while but really love. But I am also planning on taking my wellies to Wales at Easter so they get some real experience of mud, and will then wear them with jeans and leggings for a more outdoosey look.

The Hunter Wellies at Cloggs come in a range of styles and colours and are available for next day delivery.

Many thanks to Cloggs for the wellies – I love them!


Fashion Friday on

Glastonbury – Will it be Wellies or Havaianas?

The crowds are already gathering, the tents are being pitched, and today, as is usual for Glastonbury in recent years, the rain has fallen. Because it seems that if there is one thing we can rely on in the UK, it is the weather not living up to its side of the bargain. Festivals are always at their best on balmy nights, but this is Britain, so it pays to be prepared.

With all that in mind, it seems that when we think of festival footwear, we are split firmly into two camps. For those hot, sun-soaked days, the shoes of choice can be little more than a pair of flip-flops. But not any old flip-flop, but the Rolls Royce of Flip Flops, Havaianas, beloved of celebrities from Madonna and Kirsten Dunst, to Jennifer Aniston, who seems to spend every summer with a pair  permenantly welded to her feet.

TOP METALLIC GREY / SILVER £ 15.00 click to visit Spartoo

TOP Fuschia £ 15.99 click to visit Spartoo

But what if the weather turns truly biblical? Then we can only go for the footwear that is another favourite of many a celeb, from Kate Moss to Coleen Rooney, the Hunter welly. This classic English wellington boot has been subverted from farmer’s attire by its teaming with hotpants and glitter, but is a real godsend once the legendary Glasto mud finds its stride.

ORIGINAL SHORT GLOSS RED £ 69.59 click to visit Spartoo

ORIGINAL TALL GLOSS Grey / Verne £ 91.99 click to visit Spartoo

Whatever the weather, you are sure to find a stylish option to wear on your feet, whether it be Havaianas or Hunter. But if all fails, you could always be like Alexandra Burke at the V Festival and combine the two options by wearing a pair of Havaianas wellies. Seriously cute!


ALWAYS SUMMER Multicolour £ 42.39 click to visit Spartoo