– finding the best deals for you.

Question: Have you ever decided to buy something and then searched the internet for a voucher code? The answer is probably yes. Next question. Have you ever searched the voucher code sites and ended up really disappointed – no real offers, directory listings that are being advertised as ‘offers’ or ‘offers’ that you can find when you go shopping anyway – things like free returns or free delivery? I’m guessing the answer is probably yes once again. It is so frustrating that my voucher sites fill their pages full of offers, discounts and bargains that are anything but.

This is why I am so impressed with the ethics and ethos behind BetterVouchers. Rather than just printing loads and loads of offers that prove to be little more than hot air, Better Vouchers is all about cherry picking real offers that help you to truly save money and grab a bargain.  As they say themselves “…unless it saves you either 10% or £10 or more, we will not even post it.” How refreshing is that!


At first glance, BetterVouchers looks quite similar to any voucher codes website. It has a nice layout, easy to navigate and you can browse by category which is great. The way I understand it, their USP’s (unique selling points) translate as below:

  1. They will get rid of any ‘deals’ that won’t deliver what they promise by only including vouchers that give you genuine savings. If a deal doesn’t give you at least 10%/£10 off you won’t find it on their site, simple!

  2. Creating a community of money-savers who support each other by focusing on the deals. Being a community curated site, members either submit the offers or they would use the particular offer which will then get upvoted. In short, when someone uses a deal, it gets voted up and they call that ‘voting with their wallets’. There’s no point really in voting down an offer. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Simple, right?

  3. Posting anything that benefits you regardless of whether they are getting paid or not. Their main focus in on posting for their audience regardless if this brings the company any revenue. They have decided to do so as they are keen to support smaller companies that don’t necessarily have the budgets to advertise on these kinds of platforms.

  4. BetterVouchers promise to be as transparent as they can be and always respect their audience. Furthermore, the company encourages their readers to use Social Media as the main communication vehicle in order to keep the conversations as transparent as possible.

Another great feature is that you help to rank the discounts. Simply explained, every time a voucher code or deal is used, this gains that particular deal a vote. Deals with most votes are then featured on the homepage where they can be easily accessed – you can see what bargains are popular each day – this may be just what you are looking for. If you can’t find what you need, a simple search bar will help you to the best deal.

I love the simplicity of BetterVouchers, and the fact that the site is easy to use and offers me real savings. I have recently been looking for Marks and Spencer Voucher Codes (there’s a pair of sandals I’m desperate to get – a discount would be nice). The Marks and Spencer page reveals lots of great offers, from 50% off shirts, to free beauty gifts from Nuxe and Saint Tropez. A final great detail is that you are then also shown offers that people with the same search history as you have been looking at, for me this was supermarkets like Waitrose and Sainsburys.


BetterVouchers really are offering a point of difference to help you make real savings when you shop. If you’ve ever visited a voucher site and left when you couldn’t see the wood from the trees, this may just be the site for you.

Making a saving on the summer holiday wardrobe

As much as I love the physical activity of shopping, I find that these days I do it less and less. There are many reasons for this. The first is that I work from home during the week, and find it a little bit naughty to just take off on a shopping trip when I’m meant to be working. The second reason is, come the weekend, we do a lot of family activities, and my little boy Joe is most definitely shopping-phobic, so we tend to avoid shopping centres in the main and any shop that isn’t a sports or toy shop in general.

Shopping in my past

Jewellery browsing in Venice

Jewellery browsing in Venice

A drink break at Wafi City in Dubai

A drink break at Wafi City in Dubai


With Joe showing his distaste for shopping...yes the carrier bag does contain a football.

With Joe showing his distaste for shopping…yes the carrier bag does contain a football.


So this means that I do tend to do a lot of my shopping online. And although this does mean I get to miss out on the general rush of physically walking around my favourite stores (because filling an online basket is not the same), it does mean I can use sites like VoucherBin to make the best possible savings, and find out about any new sales and promotions. (Click to find out more about their latest offers.)

My shopping is currently all focused on my upcoming summer holiday, which is now less that 2 months away. I am quite frugal when it comes to holiday shopping, tending to shop for certain items rather than a whole wardrobe. I get at least one new swimsuit (not a bikini girl I’m afraid), sandals for evening wear and flip flops for around the pool, a great beach bag, and a couple of dresses for sightseeing and evening wear. Everything else I find in my wardrobe.

For this holiday I have found some discount offers for one of my favourite stores, Wallis, with up to 60% off sales, free delivery on orders over £50 and also some pieces that are currently under £20.

Here are some of the picks that I hope will be winging their way into my holiday suitcase very soon.

Day to night dresses

Lime Embellished Dress Price: £45.00 click to visit Wallis

Lime Embellished Dress
Price: £45.00

Stone Cold Shoulder Dress Price: £38.00 click to visit Wallis

Stone Cold Shoulder Dress
Price: £38.00

Fern Feather Kaftan Dress Price: £70.00 click to visit Wallis

Fern Feather Kaftan Dress
Price: £70.00


Gold Flat Mule Shoe Price: £25.00 click to visit Wallis

Gold Flat Mule Shoe
Price: £25.00

Bronze Jewel Sandal Price: £35.00 click to visit Wallis

Bronze Jewel Sandal
Price: £35.00

For the beach

Fiorelli Nautical Striped Bag Price: £69.00 click to visit Wallis

Fiorelli Nautical Striped Bag
Price: £69.00

Black and Coral Printed Swimsuit Price: £28.00 click to visit Wallis

Black and Coral Printed Swimsuit
Price: £28.00

White Fringe Detail Kaftan Price: £30.00 click to visit Wallis

White Fringe Detail Kaftan
Price: £30.00

Are you getting excited about summer holidays – what will you be packing?

Fashionista Tips for Moms

As a mommy, you know that you have to take care of a number of tasks. One of the most important tasks is to look and feel good and be active. As I know so well, it is all too easy to become a tired and dull mom.

So, here are some tips that will help you make a fashion statement, without trying too hard.


Conditioners and dyes are important. Conditioner helps in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated while dyes are important because hair is a great giveaway to aging. If you want to hide those gray hairs, you should dye them every seven weeks.

Apart from this, it is important to spend an extra minute or two to give your hair a good combing. If you are in a hurry, a ponytail is the best option available for you.

When it comes to haircuts, it is important to make sure that you get a haircut that requires little maintenance. A talk with your hairdresser is a good way to get advice. You can  ask them to suggest the right cut for you.


Tunics are a good choice for replacing the oversized t-shirts you have in your wardrobe.

Over-sized t-shirts are fine to wear in bed, but they don’t really cut it if you are trying to present a stylish front – they do pull down your image.  They are unflattering and can actually add pounds to you. Switching over to tunics can be great for those who prefer their clothes a little longer. They can flatter your figure and skim your body.

If you love long sleeves, you can choose a long sleeved tunic too. However, short sleeved tunics can look very cute in warmer weather.

Eva Mendes wears her tunic as a dress

Eva Mendes wears her tunic as a dress


Jessica Alba wears a denim tunic



Shirtdresses are one of the rare options that can be constantly worn at your workplace and while moving around with family and friends. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Additionally, they flatter most figure types.

a good tip is to select one that is made out of cotton or jersey knits because they are more practical and easy to wash and wear.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Skinny jeans

These days most women seem to opt for skinny jeans. However,  I always look for a pair that are soft and stretchy. These are more comfortable to wear, but, at the same time, they allow you to stay away from the typical ‘mom’’ jeans.


There is no excuse for scruffy shoes. Instead, choose a simple pair of shoes so that your even long walks are comfortable. Canvas skimmers are an option because there are a number of prints available and they are relatively inexpensive.

Another inexpensive, comfortable option is the rubber flip flop. Brands like Havaianas and Ipanema have made these a celebrity favourite too, with stars like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian are all fans of flip flops in Summer.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Planning to buy either of them? Overstock is an option you should think of!

Overstocks offer an exciting range of skimmers and flip flops, and you can avail an exclusive discount too. Also, you can use coupons for Overstock to get an additional discount on your purchases. Remember, Matching coupons are important. If you are shopping at Overstock, you should look for coupons related to Overstock only. The right mix will help you get the right discount on your purchased item.
Have any other suggestion? Share it in the comments.